What are you waiting for?

I hear so many folk saying what they’d like to be doing, they want to go off-grid, they want to be more self sustainable, they want to have a smaller footprint… they want and want, but never seem to do, they often dream but stop short of actually taking the steps necessary to achieve their dreams.

There are excuses, many more excuses than reasons to move ahead, often it’s a matter of waiting for something to happen so they can move forward, waiting for that raise, that promotion, the summer to arrive, getting kids raised, getting kids through college, retirement… and in all that waiting, time is going by, that is the one thing you can never get back. Time is irreplaceable, it cannot be added to or subtracted from, it can, however, be wasted.

There are many important things to do in life, but waiting for something shouldn’t become your normal status. I’m not saying you should dump everything and move to the woods, I am saying that if you want to achieve something, no matter what it is, if it’s something you can’t do all at once, then start moving toward it. Start taking steps to achieve your goals, even if they are baby steps, DO IT.

I saw a Facebook meme, it said “At this moment, you are as old as you have ever been, and as young as you ever will be again”, those are profound and true words.

How much time are you wasting (losing forever) waiting for some THING to happen, how long will you put your dreams on hold? What are you dreams? What are you doing to achieve them? Let me know below.

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