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Unless you’re a Navy Seal, don’t go off-grid alone

We hope this map becomes a vital part of your off-grid life.  It is a free, glocal (global, local) tool, catalyzing the off-grid community to grow and flourish.

The video we recently posted will help you make the most of this amazing resource. Its pretty simple, but you can get the idea more quickly if you glance at the short video.

If you are living a grid-tied life, this is your route to finding others who want to make the step towards self-sufficiency.  Its better to go off-grid together with others – sharing skills and resources on what may prove to be an epic voyage.

Your goal may simply be to start a local renewable energy co-op with your neighbours.  Or you may be heading for the hills – buying or renting land, setting off in a van or a boat.  Perhaps you just want to try the off-grid living for a weekend. Some of our members rent out their outhouses and guest cabins.

As well as being a place to find others who want to go off-grid, many of the points on the map are people who already live off -grid, and need others to join them.

We hope you use it yourself, tell your friends, and spread the word far and wide, through all available channels.

Go forth and multiply!

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