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  1. Hello everyone, I am a 52 year old single gentleman with a 34′ fully self contained motor home and 1 small wonderful dog in search of a rewarding off the grid lifestyle. I would be very interested in either joining a already established community or one that is a work in progress. A little about myself as I have stated above I am single and would also be open to finding that very special like minded woman to invite me or join in with me in this new found lifestyle and adventure. My credentials are listed below and can disclose more if need be. I am a very responsible, honest, personable, dependable, reliable and very skilled individual, in the many facets of industry that i will mention ahead. I am seeking and prefer a long term position although all short term positions are welcomed. My fields of interest would be in but are not limited to campgrounds, resorts, farmland, construction sites, storage facilities, domestic animal rescue centers, commercial land and or personal property. My experiences include but are not limited to several different types of industry businesses such as security and surveilance, account collections, property management and rentals, property maintenance, housekeeping/custodian, landscape construction, design and sprinkler irrigation installations and the general construction trade. I have experience with all types of heavy equipment operations such as backhoe, front end loaders, graders and forklifts. I also have plumbing, carpentry, masonry and electrical experience. One could describe a person like myself as a very versatile master handyman with work experiences that cross over into many different professions. I am a very mechanically incline person who is Computer literate with great management skills. I am set up to live on site with my fully self contained Class A Motor home with you supplying all necessary utilities as well as a nominal salary, in exchange for my skill set and experience that i bring to the table. I am a legal owner of several different types of firearms and can obtain a CCW license for the purpose of protecting your assets should it be a requirement for the position at hand. I would like to thank you in advance for considering me for any possible opportunities that you may have available that may match my skill set and experiences. NOTE: I will be available to travel should it be necessary for the position at hand, however i would like to remain within the Southwestern United States such as California, Nevada or Arizona. Please add BOONDOCKING to subject line so I can avoid spam. travelwithjoenow@gmail.com Thanks!!

  2. Hello Nature-Lovers !

    I’m like a kind of “modern-hermit”, a free independent and smiling “spiritual”, free from viciousness/materialism and well-seasoned in vanishing alone into nature/jungles/mountain-tops …

    Apart from my nature/jungle stays, I have also created a small “nature-place” of my own in a corner of a village where I often go to relax/work/research/smile with plants, birds and creatures… (a basic cottage with no electricity, cooking with firewood, lighting with Kerosene oil, natural well-water, a tree-hut, paddy fields …)

    Also, I’m searching for a more suitable location (land) in or close to a jungle, away from human-voice, man-made hassles etc, so that I can settle permanently with tranquilizing nature, animals and so on. What I can and cannot do as an individual is clear to me, and I’m happily moving along that path with confidence …

    In the meantime, I am also exploring the possibilities of organizing a small group of like-minded individuals who are longing to live happily in nature/jungle (or you may call it off-the-grid, into the wild, freeing yourself from the rat race, or whatever…lol) for the rest of their lives so that TOGETHER we can contribute “something” better for all of us, other like-minded people, nature and humanity as well…

    I’m a vegetarian, happy and funny, do not belong to popular religions, very open-minded, free from superstitions, politics etc, financially independent, practice simplicity/minimalism, healing arts, relaxation/meditation … I’m not afraid of living or dying, but enjoy non-violence and do not harm other living creatures too…

    So, if you are really longing for this “freedom & beautiful, deeper connection with nature/universe” and have the strength, ability and knowledge with some sustainable income, you can do it practically like I do …(if you like to join with me here in this island Sri Lanka, expenses are less …)

    (I must make it clear again that I am not inviting someone to just run a farm in the wild and kill, eat and sell animals etc…)

    Good Luck to All !!!
    Just feel free to contact me …
    Kumar (free777k@yahoo.com)

    1. Hi, sounds like your living my dream. We would definitely be compatible. I currently live Close to vancouver b.c. I definitely would join you. I have a few questions , are you from Sri Lanka ? How long could someone not from their stay? I have some money per month. How much money per month would be required? Can your cabin acomidate another person. Shower toilet, water etc .. what is the location your at? What kind of work do you do.

  3. Canadian 59 Y/O male..Would be great to meet an offgrid bound women .I live in middle of the rockies and plan to be off-grid in approx 3 to 5 years .Or less depending on the local economic situation .email me at recycler1956@gmail.com

    I am looking to meet a serious off-grid bound women,knows what S H T F means ,likes chickens ,snow ,privacy ,gardening ,spiritual (but not insane about it)and the energy to do with a great mate and someone who desires it also.For more info on me ,do send me an email..Dating sites are not a good venue to find you..Stay cool and stay you

  4. i am 50 yrs old and living in indiana. why is it that all the off-grid and survival oriented schools and communities are located in the south, the east coast , or out west? i am currently seeking someone to correspond with who might be able to help me get started. i am also seeking to correspond with a female who is interested in exploring going off-grid with me.

  5. Good Evening,

    About 2 years ago, I began looking into living off-grid as a more efficient, healthier, and overall happier alternative to the rat race. I investigated land all over the country and after countless hours of research, I settled on Canon Milagro by Santa Rosa, New Mexico as the building site for my dream. It is everything I could have ever wanted and now I’m inviting others to join me.

    There are approximately 9.5 miles of country gravel roads leading to the property from I-40. Four-wheel drive is recommended for the occasional snow-producing storms but nothing too damning. Approximately 30% of the gently rolling hills are scattered with Juniper and Pinion Pine trees ranging from 8’ to 20’ tall. In short, this place is my paradise.

    Also, if I am looking to touch base with society again, located about 30 miles away, Santa Rosa, NM is the closest town. It’s a quiet, friendly town of approximately 3,000 residents. In addition to very basic shopping, Santa Rosa hosts the famous deep diving hole, The Blue Hole, several motels and excellent restaurants, including authentic Mexican food. The area boasts a moderate climate with almost 300 sunny days a year. (See the chart below for references compared to US average climates.)

    This land is the canvas on which I will build my dream but I don’t want to just keep it to myself. I want to share it with others who are interested in living free, happy, and healthy. This is a place of freedom.

    The only rule is to Live and Let Live.

    If you are interested, email me p.ollice@yahoo.com



  6. Writing from the Atlanta territory. We are seeking people to pull resources together to create more freedom. We are very serious. There are a few options to explore. All non-judge mental welcome. We are vegatarian/vegan holistic. We study law, science, history. Email for consideration. Surrealove7@gmail.com

  7. I am looking for someone to share my cabin with in northern Canada. Also help with garden, greenhouse , cutting wood. I’m 55 year old male not looking for a mate just a companion interested in off-grid lifestyle. Cabin is large with many conveniences . I travel to work three days at a time and also require someone to look after the place when I’m away. If your interested I have pictures and more info my email is russachase@gmail.com

  8. I’m moving to the wilderness of Georgia in less than two months. I’m from Texas and I’m a Christian. Looking for like-minded people that are interested in coming with me. I have proven survival skills, and i specialize in edible plants. (This isn’t my first time living in the wild). Its ok if you don’t have survival skills. I just want people who love Jesus and love the forest, and won’t leave when things get tough. If your mentally tough, can hike at least 10 miles, and are willing to work and learn, message me at matthewhunter8888@gmail.com.

  9. Hi everyone! I am so grateful for finding this website. Its seems that no matter how hard we try, neither my boyfriend or I can find fulfillment or satisfaction in the system we are living in. Through research, consideration and plenty of lengthy conversation, we have decided that getting away from society, and back to nature is the path we must take. We know that we cannot do this on our own right now. We are a young couple (20 & 21) but we are passionate, hardworking and willing to learn anything that someone is willing to teach us. We have no specific religious affiliation one way or another and spirituality is not a prime focus of ours. We currently both eat meat but are seriously considering a vegan diet. We are interested in being a part of something that uses clean energy and would eventually like to live a clean sustainable lifestyle, but are open to whatever comes our way at this point in our journey. As far as location, we are willing to explore any of our options. We currently reside in the Midwest so we are open to many places. We have talked specifically about Oregon, Arizona, Colorado and Tennessee. While warmer climates are appealing, any place where we can be surrounded by the beauty of nature will be more than enough. If you have any questions, can offer advice etc. Please feel free to contact me at clarityinsilence@gmail.com Thank you so much!

  10. Developing a small community/homestead in NE Texas, room for around 10-12 folks(currently 3) in tiny houses in and around the forest, working towards full off-grid/full diet sustainability(one member is vegan), presently some solar/tanks,ponds,cistern/miles of drip tape/30×96 high tunnel. 18 acres hardwood forest, 13 acres pasture/cropland. Methods in line with permaculture/holistic management/organics. Philosophy is non-dogmatic/non-judgmental. Looking for members/partners/investors to join and help us build, the farm is a year old and is an excellent foundation on which to build a stable off-grid community.

    Check us out aggiesfarm.com
    or email at drew@aggiesfarm.com

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