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Nick Rosen

Off-Grid editor & his RV

The Off-Grid bus is on the road, and possibly visiting a home near you. I am travelling the whole of Britain to listen to your stories. Why do you do it (live off-grid, that is), and how do you do it?

Is it hard? What are the hidden pitfalls? Get in touch if you want me to visit you. This fact finding mission will take in Big Green gathering next week then Wales and the North-West. The things I learn will appear on the web site from time to time, and then be published next year by Doubleday.

The solar powered, former hospital care bus was fitted out by Piet from Rai Electrics at Townhead, who did a superb job. The battery has a relay fitted so its also powered by the engine alternator when we are on the move. When stationary the battery relies on solar power. A small regulator makes sure it does not get over-powered (which would damage the battery) or completely drained of energy.

The battery leads to a 12 volt cigarette lighter socket, which can then be plugged in to an inverter or direct to anything with a cigarette lighter plug on it like a phone charger, kettle, cooler box basically anything you can buy from Halfords.

Unipart have supplied a marine wind turbine which will also be fitted as soon as I can get someone to do it.

Call me on 07971 543703 if you want to have a chat, or invite me to visit you.

See you all soon!


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  1. It may not be much, but I’m trying to do my bit by running my Landrover on a 80/20 mix of veggie oil/kerosene + DSE, and once warmed up theres not a trace of smoke or even a smell of diesel..and it goes like a BOMB!
    when will our money grubbing chancellor have the sense to do his bit for the environment and cancel the rediculous 47p tax on veg oil?

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