Ways to save on smartphones and mobile internet

glamphoneThe key problem for off-grid smartphone users is their monthly data plan. Due to apps playing videos automatically, attachments being downloaded as soon as they become available, and other activities behind the scenes that drain data (and power), smartphone users typically struggle with making it from one month to the next when it comes to their data. To help, here are some ideas to help select a better data plan.

 Select a Rollover Plan Intelligently

One thing to consider when choosing a good mobile data plan is rollover data. There are a few carriers that offer this feature, which allows users to take any unused data at the end of a the month and add it to the next month’s data allowance. This is a good way to increase the amount of data that is available for the next month.

 However, for those who normally go over their monthly data limit, a way to save would be to upgrade their data amount. The cost for an upgrade varies by carrier, but carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint sometimes offer coupons for upgrades. This is important to look into because the cost of the upgrade may be lower than the cost of going over the data limit.

Another good way to find out if a data plan is suitable is by speaking to a customer representative about what is and is not included in a data plan. Some questions that would be valuable to ask a representative due to websites sometimes being unclear are valuable to have cleared up. Another benefit from speaking with a representative is that they may have a deal going on that might be beneficial to look into.

It is also important, if thinking of switching carriers, to see if the smartphone that is currently being used can be used through a different carrier. If not, a new phone will need to be purchased.

I, myself, prefer Virgin Mobile as a carrier despite its service map due to the prices of their phones and their data plans. They currently have two types of plans, $35/month for 5G of 4G LTE and unlimited data, talk, and text and a $45/month plan for 10G 4G LTE with unlimited talk, text, and data. Verizon is in second place thanks to their offer to allow users to pay for their phones monthly. Their data plan is a little expensive, like the 2G for $35/month plan that comes with unlimited talk, text, and rollover data. In third place is Sprint. For $30/month, a user can get 3G and unlimited 2G data. Their phones are also pretty pricey, but they do have the best service available, next to AT&T. However, AT&T is the worst carrier due to their plans and expensive phone prices. For $30/month, a user receives 1G, rollover data, and unlimited talk and text.

In conclusion, all smartphone users face the same problem with data plans. The suggestions above are to help choose a better data plan that is suited for an individual’s work and personal needs.

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