Water NOW!

Most days Bob amazes me with his ingenious methods of building things, making things, fixing things, we lovingly refer to it as “Bobbidge”, imagine MacGuyver with an attitude, and you have Bob. But on occasion, Bob far exceeds even my amazement, he did this today.

One of the things we do not have is water, we go to our neighbor’s house everyday to get water, essentially 3 gallons per day, that is for drinking and a little cleaning, but with only 3 gallons, it doesn’t leave much left over for cleaning. We purchased a blue plastic 55 gallon drum before we left Irving, Bob placed that in the “kitchen” area, next to the sink, he filled it with water from our neighbor’s house, believe it or not, we hooked up I think about 5 hoses, there may have been more, anyhoo, we filled the drum with water, (Bob had reinforced the floor where the drum sits, water is very heavy!), we also had a 12 volt pump (12 volts is very important, it means we can hook it directly to the batteries, we don’t have to go through the inverter, that saves lots of power), Bob took this pump and hooked it up to the water faucet on the “out” side, on the “in” side of the pump, it is hooked to a hose that goes into the barrel, he applied power to the pump, the way this works now, when we turn on the faucet, the pump comes on and water starts flowing, when we turn off the water, the pump stops. I’ll get some pictures, I know it’s hard to picture based on a description. Basically we have pressurized running water on demand.

Next Bob will start working on a system to heat water, that may take more time, we do have 2 long lengths of black tubing (like a black colored plastic water hose), this can be filled with water and allow the sun to heat the water, we have lots of solar potential up here, it can make lots of hot water in a very short amount of time.

I am just very happy to have running water inside my cabin, it’s clean and available. WooHoo!

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