Waste oil heaters

cold!Winter is here, all the way down here in far west Texas, tonight it will get down into the low 20s(F), definitely wood stove fire weather, along with some good warm gear to wear and sleep in. Thermal underwear is my constant companion day and night, well more night than day, we often get up to a comfortable temperature during the day as long as the sun is shining, but I must remember, before the sun goes down to change into my night clothes, for as soon as the sun sets, the temps drop like a rock into an ice bucket.

We don’t try very hard to keep the sky castle very warm, we choose to dress warmly and burn less wood. Another companion at night is my wool blanket I keep sandwiched between softer blankets, and my hot water bottle. I know, that is so old fashioned, but I have to tell you, they work! On the really cold nights, I’ll slip my hot water bottle in bed about 20 minutes before I’m ready for bed and I have a nice warm bed to get into. BTW this isn’t your granny’s hot water bottle, they have come a LONG way!

A few days ago I was inspired to look up waste oil burning for heat, a trip to YouTube and I know much more about it than I did before. The first video I saw made me wonder if this was something I really wanted inside my home, this guy essentially created a blast furnace, it looked to be way too much fire for that little thin walled wood stove. A few videos later and I understood more about waste oil burning.

I’m not sure if I want this sort of heat, but it was definitely an education and definitely something to consider, especially as a backup source of heat. Here are a few videos, enjoy. Of course, it should go without saying, but do this at your own risk, this is fire we are dealing with here with all the risks involved, no one here is responsible for your actions as a result of watching these videos. Scroll down to the bottom to see the waste oil heater I like best.

I enjoyed watching this guy working through some experiments in these 4 videos.

I like this one best of all in these two videos, it’s simple, and it doesn’t need forced air (no blast furnace)… the first video is his prototype, the second is a more finished, more refined heater.

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