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walk this way
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Here are some web sites on walking — where to walk, how to walk and who to walk with.

We came across the Simon Willis web site while researching the story on Wild Camping (see below). Simon is one of nature’s off-grid-ers, walking, camping, kayaking and cycling his way around the world. The descriptions of his walking tours are remarkable and contain loads of really useful stuff about which are the best rest-stops with nice B&bs and useful general stores.

Other sites listed include US and UK walker guides and notice-boards, as well as some very handy advice on how to walk, according to the Alexander technique.

Multi-faceted off-grider Simon Willis web site

Wild Walks New Zealand
Wild Botswana
Walking World

Best Walks
The Walking Site
Walking Britain
Web Walking
US govt sponsored walking info

Hypertext of Thoreau’s “Walking,” with links to other online

Walking the world
Alexander technique for walking

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