Utility Company Bosses Disliked By 42% Of Their Staff

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Its not just customers who dislike Energy and Utility companies with a passion. Company bosses in the Energy and Utility indsutries are amongst the most hated in British society – by their own employees.

A new survey finds that 42% of energy and utility employees don’t like their bosses – they are the fifth most hated in the UK, just behind Healthcare and Construction – both notorious for arduous working conditions.

Meanwhile the charity Citizens Advice says an estimated 600,000 people were forced to make the switch away from credit meters after racking up debt with their energy supplier in 2022, compared with 380,000 in 2021.

The charity fears a further 160,000 people could be switched by the end of winter if no further action is taken, and is calling for an immediate ban on the use of court warrants.

Any employees of Utility companies who are involved in action against vulnerable clients are encouraged to contact us in confidence at news@off-grid.net

Employee attitudes to UK Energy bosses were exposed in the study carried out by Reboot, which asked 3,445 people from 29 different sectors whether they liked their boss, and if not, what were the main reasons.

The survey found that ‘Being underpaid’, ‘micromanagement’ and ‘lack of communication’ are the most common reasons energy bosses are disliked.

The ten most common reasons for people hating their bosses (%):

being underpaid 66

micromanagement 46

lack of communication 43

ungrateful 27

bullying 24

generally annoying 24

lazy 15

conflicting personalities 12

condescending 12

incompetent 9


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