USA VanLifers soars above 3 MILLION

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As homelessness increases across the USA, the VanLife population is growing rapidly.

From around one million VanLifers in 2020, according to the RV Industry Association, the figure went to 3.1 million in 2022, according to Statista. Off-grid.net estimates it has now reach 3.5 million Americans living permanently or mainly in vehicles – including RVs, buses, cars, vans and other wheeled accomodation. In addition there are up to 500,000 living on boats or in boatyards.

Most are forced into this way of life, but some choose the option because they want to spend their money on other things than rent, or work less hard to meet their weekly expenses. ‘I’d rather have my small paid-for space, than a big $400 a month payment,’ says Leslie, seen typing on her laptop in the photo above. ‘I miss the space of a house. But I would trade that in any day for not having the stress and the weight on my shoulders of having to meet a rent payment or utility payment every month.’

VanLifers are part of the digital nomads category. They generally combine remote work and travel for various reasons and lengths of time.

Safety is a constant worry when you live on the road

Timothy Eastman photographed individuals, couples and families living in RVs. His images show how ‘home’ can be defined and redefined through choices, circumstances and quality of life considerations.

The amazing series of photos only shows RV dwellers rather than less conventional conditions such as full time out of cars.

All The Past We Leave Behind: America’s New Nomads is available from Kehrer Verlag

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