Urban Danger

“A storm is coming,” says a new documentary featuring  84-year-old Congressman Roscoe Bartlett.  the movie takes a “common sense” view of the problems city-dwellers will face if there is a event such as economic collapse or a natural disaster.

“”There are a number of events that could create a situation in our cities where civil unrest could be a very high probability,” Bartlett says in the film. “And I think that those who can and those who understand need to take advantage of this opportunity when the winds of strife are not blowing to move their families out of the city.”
“It’s just plain fun when you’re looking at the challenge of what do I have to do so that I’m independent of the system,” he added.

Before becoming a member of Congress, Bartlett worked as a research scientist at the University of Maryland. He was awarded 19 patents for his inventions of life support equipment.

“As a member of Congress, I’m concerned, I would like everybody to do this,” he continued. “I would like everybody to have a year’s supply a food. I’d like everybody to have some plans so that they can make do if any one of these emergencies occurred. It’s going to be easier to do that and you avoid the problems of civil unrest if you are out of the cities and in the country.”

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  1. Great short film. The main point is that their lies many dangers in relying on a fragile system (food, electricity, safety ) in a city for our livelihoods. Being able to provide for our families in good and bad times is true independence.

    Their website has some great articles and videos.

  2. Hey elnav… feel your pain. Maybe we should become congressmen. Guaranteed salary for a couple years then a fat pension with superior medical care for life! Almost impossible to get fired even if you are a lying cheat who never comes to work.

  3. Year of food supply ? I do my best if I can…By the way , why is most of the advice giving people so against cities? I stay in my City and protect with my Neighbors. In the Country anybody can knock on your door and take you out…What you are going to separate yourself? What if your tooth hurts? Or something more serous ? Sooner or later out of the best shelter , you will be forced to get out…Our Psyche is not build for shelter life…So what is so bed about cities?

  4. Agree w/you elnav! I’ll be out of a job on April 3rd w/no prospects and at 9,000′ it’s not looking good so moving to the city to hopefully get a job and stockpile and get back out…sounds so f..ed up as I’m writing this!

  5. Nice film, But needed more of about why to get out of the big cities and less religion. What people want here, I think is tech data and how to do stuff on the cheap to survive the coming events..Yes, God will get you to heaven.
    When your DEAD..I want to survive and Live..

  6. I would like to have a years supply of work so I could maybe afford to put something by – just incase. As is I have no work nor any future prospects. The economy really sucks!!

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