It’s been very nice since my Dad has been here, we have been falling into a comfortable routine of eating, resting, enjoying nature and the views. My Dad brought his little dog, her name is Baby Girl, she is half pomeranian and half chihuahua, unfortunately she started going into heat the day she got here, so things have been a bit of a mess… fortunately she is good at staying put on a towel, so it’s not too bad. We do have to watch her like a hawk when she goes out, there are other dogs that run wild around here, I’m sure they know about her by now.

We had a good cookout, Dad brought steaks, big baking potatoes and a smoker with him, I sliced up some summer squash and roasted them after the steaks & potatoes were done. Wow, it was soooo good! We can’t get good steaks from any of the local stores out here, so this was a real treat. :)

Pekoe is doing so much better, her breath smells sweet, her remaining teeth look good, white and healthy, she is still coughing and sneezing quite a bit, but that is getting better too.

I wanted to let you know about a free long distance service I found on line, I have used it both for local and long distance calls, it works great, it even works with my internet phone, the way it works is you sign up (it’s 100% free), you need to give them your phone number, you go to their site, you enter the phone number you wish to call on their website, your phone will ring a few second later and you will be connected to your call, it has worked great for me. I don’t get anything for promoting this, I am doing this because this works, it’s free and you can call long distance free.
They have other free products & services on their site too, check them out.


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  1. Thanks Brock!
    I have been using DukaDIAL quite a lot, we have an internet phone (MagicJack). DukaDIAL works with it flawlessly, living off-grid, it’s nice to have more options available.


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