Update on being sick…

With my latest brush with a pretty major upper respiratory infection (URI), I made the decision to work on my stash of meds and educate myself as much as possible about what to take, how much and when to take it. One really REALLY good source of info is the ThePatriotNurse on YouTube. Chances are you already know about her, but if you don’t, or you haven’t visited her YouTube channel in a while, well you need to go there and check her out.

An update on my URI, it’s been over 2 weeks now, I’m mostly over it, I did not take the antibiotics I got, I’m saving them for another time, though I did get very close to taking them, if the URI hadn’t broke when it did, I would have began taking them. I did take a cough suppressant in the beginning when the cough was dry and unproductive, but once I began producing crud in my throat and chest, I changed over to Mucinex to help thin the mucus and help bring it up. I coughed so much that I ended up with no voice, that has been going on for a week now, I’ve missed 2 church services as a result. The other thing that happened, yup this was a 3-fer, I developed a monster of a cold sore. I didn’t have what I normally use, Abreva, it’s something I can’t get locally so this one blew up on my big time. After much research, in a moment of desperation, I used turpentine, and yes, it worked, it immediately removed the pain, stinging, itching and began drying it up, who knew? Almost forgot to add, I brushed the turpentine directly on the cold sore, it did NOT burn, it immediately stopped the pain, the worst thing about it was the smell, turpentine stinks, but it works.

BTW, I haven’t purchased Abreva in a while, it’s expensive, it has gotten even MORE expensive, I went to the big town and found out the price has gone up to the $20 range for a tiny tiny tiny tube of Abreva, I will say that it does work, but I just couldn’t bring myself to shell out that much for it, I found it on Amazon for nearly half that price, so if you get cold sores, I would recommend buying your Abreva here Abreva Cold Sore/Fever Blister Treatment, .07-Ounce Tube

I picked out these three videos from ThePatriotNurse, they are apropos to this subject of meds and health, enjoy.

Here are the links discussed in the last video about the shelf life of meds.
1. https://www.usamma.army.mil/dod_slep.cfm
2. https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2000/04/02/drug-expiration-part-one.aspx
3. https://www.fda.gov/Drugs/Dru/gSafety/PostmarketDrugSafetyInformationforPatientsandProviders/DrugSafetyInformationforHeathcareProfessionals/ucm184770.htm
4. https://bipolar.about.com/od/medications/a/expir_when.htm
5. https://www.rense.com/general29/fom.htm
6. https://www.essentialdrugs.org/edrug/archive/200003/msg00076.php
7. https://www.upmc-biosecurity.org/website/resources/publications/2009/2009-03-27-max_st_local_med_cntr.html

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