Universal Studios greenwash

Universal: dirty, polluting scoundrels
What a load of greenwash!

Universal studios are part of the greedy and wasteful Hollywood system.

So it is monumental hypocrisy to see them launching a solar powered golf cart.

These are the buggies that whisk the rich and powerful around the vast studio lots in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Its great for their lard-assed studio execs, who can feel good about themselves as they ride about the studio lot, swilling bottled water and snorting cocaine flecked with the blood of Columbian workers, and grown in the ruins of the rainforests.

The self-satisfied scumbags at Universal will use it as an example of how environmentally responsible they are. But the movie industry is about as green as the sky over Los Angeles – that is to say its usually a dirty gray color, but these days more brown and acrid.

The story was released in a carefully mounted news-manipulation operation masterminded by the evil company Specialops media.

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