UK Off-Grid Festival

Horse drawn life off the grid
Free rides for kids at last year’\s festival
August 11th – 14th Britain’s emerging community will open the doors of perception and glimpse Another World.
The annual Off-Grid Festival in Exeter, Devon is a deep exploration of community living, creativity and consciousness; an intimate environment in which to share skills, trade knowledge, impart wisdom and make a difference. Four days out of the world to get into changing our world.

Think of it as an experimental innovation lab for a new paradigm of economic, ecological and community thought, a radical gathering of empowered people making a difference in their lives and celebrating emergent culture.

Over the years the festival has educated and informed thousands of people about the skills and knowledge required for the off-grid lifestyle. There is an Off-Grid College – a 12 module programme in practical, sustainable living; the Conference Programme – 3 days of mini-conferences on topical themes; Practical Demonstrations of Eco-Build, Alt. Tech, Wildcraft and traditional Crafts and Skills; The Serenity Field – Where we explore the inner dimension of off-grid living and the systemic tools that help us co-exist as a society.

AUGUST 11-14

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