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Get your skates on for the UK’s first National Inline Skating Week. All the dates are listed below. But before you start rolling, remember the UKISA skating guidlines:

Considerate. Skate on the left, pass on the right announcing your directions to others with hand and voice signals where appropriate.

Legal. Follow national and local laws governing skating and the Highway Code when on the road.

Aware. Take road and weather conditions into account.

Safe. Wear a cycle or skate helmet together with wrist, knee and elbow protection. Make regular equipment checks and repair or replace where necessary. Wear lights and hi visibility clothing where appropriate.

Skill. Skate in areas that are suitable for your skill level — and aim to further improve your skills.

Listings for free beginner lessons and group skating events are being updated on a daily basis at www.ukisa.org, they will also list discounted specialised instruction. The web site also links to a map of each of the meeting points

Here are the dates:

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Sun 15th: Canon Park Lake, Birmingham
11-11:30am, Free introductory lesson, if you contact me in advance I can do free hire (subject to availability)

Social skate

Sun 15th: 11:30am-12:15pm, Birmingham skate, Slow pace, Canon Hill park

Wesley McFarlane, mobile: 07779 397609, www.SkateBirmingham.co.uk

Sat 14th, The Dutch Barn, Llanishen High School
2-4pm, Indoor skate for all ages and abilities, whether you’re an expert or a complete novice ( Inlines or Quads). Beginners especially welcome.
Hand, Knee and Elbow guards are required to be worn for your own protection. Costs 2

I can for hire so contact me in advance (costs 1, subject to availability)

Alan, mobile: 07940 178881, www.skateaway.org.uk


Sun 8th: Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow
3-4pm Free introductory lesson, if you contact me in advance I can do free hire (subject to availability)

Mon 9th: Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow
6:30-7:30pm Free introductory lesson, if you contact me in advance I can do free hire (subject to availability)

Tue 10th: Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow
6:30-7:30pm Free introductory lesson, if you contact me in advance I can do free hire (subject to availability)

Map of Kelvingrove Park

Social skate

Sun 8th: 4-4:30pm, Glasgow skate, Slow pace, Kelvingrove Park.

Don Morton, mobile: 07733 276 902, www.TrySkating.com

Inline Skating Lessons. Just turn up unless otherwise stated

Mon 9th, Victoria park, Hackney
6:30-7:15pm, Free introductory lesson, outside Lakeside cafe
Chris Harper, mobile: 07970 118 907

Tue 10th, Serpentine Rd, Hyde Park
7-7:45pm, Free introductory lesson, East side of SR
Markus Thierstein, mobile: 07817 026 526

Sat 14th

Upper Bandstand, Greenwich Park
10-10:30am, Free introductory lesson
Markus Thierstein, mobile: 07817 026 526

Peace Pagoda, Battersea Park
10-10:30am, Free introductory lesson, in time for Easy Peasy
Simon Jones mobile: 07787 504047

Ravenscourt park, Hammersmith
10-10:45am, Free introductory lesson by the Basketball court
Stefan James mobile: 07970 684 162

Serpentine Rd, Hyde Park
11-11:45, Free introductory lesson, East side of SR
Craig Austin email: klep101@hotmail.com

Dulwich park, Southwark
11am, Free introductory lesson, Southern Central Gate
Joe Hammond-Hagan mobile: 07961 969 551

Sun 15th

Albert Memorial, Kensington Gardens
1-1:30pm, Free introductory lesson, meet at Albert Memorial steps
Simon Jones. 07787 504047

Serpentine Rd, Hyde Park
1-1:45pm, Wilderness survival session prep for Greenwich Rollerstroll,
how to cope with rough surfaces, paved surfaces, cobbles, kerbs, steps, stairs… Cost is 5
Markus Thierstein, mobile: 07817 026 526

Rent skates from
Slick Willies, Gloucester Road
or Queens Skate Shop, Lancaster Gate

Rollerski lessons

Sun 8th, 12-1pm, Serpentine Road West. car park end.
Thu 12th, 7pm,Serpentine Road West. car park end.
Sun 8th, 12-1pm, Serpentine Road West, car park end.

Entry, tuition and rental is free for all events but pre-registration with your height and shoe size is essential
Iain Ballentine, info@rollerski.co.uk, mobile: 07968 286 129
Rollerski London website

Social skates

Mon 9th: Victoria park skate, Hackney, 7:15pm, Slow pace, Lakeside Cafe
Wed 11th: Wednesday night skate, 8pm, Medium, Serp Rd, Hyde Park
Fri 13th: Friday Circle Line skate, Medium+, 8pm, Hyde Park Corner
Sat 14th: Easy Peasy, Slow pace, 10:30am, Battersea Peace Pagoda
Sat 14th: Carnival Skate, medium pace, 7-9pm, Rollerstroll meeting point
Sun 15th: Greenwich Rollerstroll, 2pm, Serpentine road East, Hyde Park


Thu 12th: Bagleys Rollerdisco, 8pm+, Cost is 10, Bagleys studio, Kings Cross

Sun 15th, East Andrews Park, between Richard Andrews statue and the Queen’s Peace Fountain (the park is located at the top end of town between the Civic Centre building and the Southampton Institute)

2-3pm. Session will last for one hour. If it is raining or the ground is wet the session will not go ahead.

Requirements: skates (must have a heel brake), helmet, knee, elbow and wrist pads + sense of humour. Before I can teach you to stop, you need to be able to skate forwards, but don’t worry if you’re not that good, we’ll find a way over it!

Nearest Parking is available opposite the park in Kings Park Road and opposite the Library by the Civic Centre.

Gordon Callaway, mobile: 07751 731369 / g.jc@virgin.net.
To give me an idea of numbers please contact me before turning up.

Social skates

Sun 15th: Skate from Mumbles to Swansea (5 miles) via the Swansea promenade. Meet outside Verdi’s restaurant, Mumbles, 1:30pm


Sun 15th: Meet outside Verdi’s restaurant, 1-1:30pm for free stopping session
All participants must be wearing safety gear and have a heel brake

David Mann, davidmann76@yahoo.co.uk

Got an event or lesson you would like to publicize? Contact us on the addresses at the end of this page.

Got a question about an event or lesson:
Markus Thierstein
London lesson and event coordinator

Andreas Kolattek
Lesson and event coordinator for rest of UK (excluding London)

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