UK Glamping Show goes down a treat

Festival goers explore the vast exhibits at the Glamping Show this year
Festival goers explore vast exhibits


The Glamping Show UK, made its annual appearance last week near Coventry.  The 3-day festival is for businesses and enthusiastic campers.

The event included talks about solar power being introduced into glamping, advice on how to build your own outdoor kitchen, how a Co2 heat pump can meet your outdoor hot water demands and our old favourite, yurts!

Experts from Adrian Williams, solar power innovator to Erik Verwaaijen, the man who invented the en-suite pod for camping guests shared their knowledge and answered any and all questions from the audience.

Businesses such as The Garden Oven Company have showcased their products to crowds of eager shoppers, ready to jump onto the next hot thing for outdoor living. The owner of the Garden Oven Company, American raised, Jay Larson, rightfully boasted about his product, claiming; “The Garden Oven is intended for year-round cooking. With its multi-function oven, chefs can cook, bake, grill, roast and smoke a wide range of dishes from pizza to fish, bread to Sunday roast! Unlike traditional brick ovens, the Garden Oven is transportable with no building work required.”


Computer generated image of the Modern Igloo shows you how comfy life could be inside it
Computer generated image of the Modern Igloo shows you how comfy life could be inside it.

Another new item that got a lot of attention was The Modern Igloo: a new concept of modular housing designed for outdoor living. It uses strong and durable ABS panels and protects campers against snow, rain, mould, wind and much more.


Goers took to the Facebook page to sing their praises about the event, calling it “fantastic”, “really well set out and organised” with “great people, a great venue [and] great products”.

Can’t wait ‘til the next one!

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