Travel Trailer/Redneck Games pt 2

Getting the trailer up the hill and past the boulders and trees was more challenging than we thought it would be, but when you have to do something, then you figure out a way to do it.

Day 2

The trailer sat on the hill for a day, after playing redneck games, Bob wanted a break. On day three, Bob and I (mostly Bob) went back to work on getting the trailer up the hill.

Day 3

As you can see by the pictures, the trailer’s back end was on the ground, it didn’t want to move at all. Bob decided that he couldn’t pull the trailer up as it sat, and it couldn’t go back down for another run. He took the winch and hooked it up to the trailer. The winch was on the orange pickup, that truck was up against a tree so it wouldn’t move, the cable threaded through a snatch block that was attached to another tree, then went to the trailer. Once it was snugged up, Bob unhooked the white pickup from the trailer and moved it up about 10-15 feet (after he aired up the tires). He then used the winch to pull the trailer up the hill. It came up perfectly.

Bob backed the white truck up to the trailer, he tried to line up with the ball, but no go, so he just wrapped the chain from the trailer around the ball and pulled the trailer up a few more feet, now he could get the ball lined up and level. He got the trailer pulled up and placed where he wanted it, just close enough to the cabin to where we didn’t have to go hiking off in the boonies to get to it, but not so close that it was in the way.

Bob got it jacked up and put on concrete blocks, he also decided to protect it from blowing away, we get pretty harsh winds and even harsher gusts that blow through. We didn’t want the trailer to blow over or rock back and forth. Bob dug 4 holes, 2 on each side, he filled the holes with concrete and set posts in each hole, now the trailer is cradled between the posts and shouldn’t blow over or rock around when the wind blows.

Today the wind is blowing quite hard, we ran down to the trailer and got in it. We wanted to know how it would hold up, the wind gusted pretty hard, the trailer made lots of noise, mostly the things that are loose on the outside rattling around. The trailer stayed pretty still, it felt quite stable, so we are comfortable that it should hold up just fine in all but the hardest winds.

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This is a follow up to this story LINK

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  1. Thanks HermitJim, I am continually amazed at what Bob does all by himself, I see a situation that should take 2 or more people to complete, and he does it all by himself, and with style!

    We got a real test with the wind, 90+ MPH blew through all day and all night yesterday, it damaged lots of things, but our stuff survived, including the trailer.


  2. Like the old saying goes…you do what ya gotta do! Isn’t ity funny how folks that are working on being self suffecient are the ones most likely to figure out a way to do the impossible?

    Good job!

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