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Aspen home
90% solar powered

Its the National Solar homes tour October 1st and 2nd. You can get all the lowdown from https://www.ases.org/tour/index.htm. The Colorado Renewable Energy Societyis typical of what is going on across the land.

The Boulder Area Tour, Saturday, October 1, starts at the Center for ReSource Conservation, 1702 Walnut St.,
Boulder. Call 303-441-3278 for information. Guidebooks are also available at the Nederland Community Center on Highway 72.

Sixteen homes will be featured in Saturday’s Boulder Tour.

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The home pictured is not included. It is located at 7,500 feet in the Rocky Mountains near Aspen, Colorado, obtains 90% of its heating requirements during the winter from the sun. Solar features include a Trombe wall, direct gain, and a sunspace.

The Denver Area Tour, Sunday October 2, starts at the Visitor Center of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden, where participants can see numerous exhibits dealing with solar and energy efficient homes. The NREL Visitor’s Center is located two blocks west of the Marriott Hotel on Denver West Boulevard at I-70 and Denver West. For directions, see: www.nrel.gov/visiting_nrel/campusmap.html

The Denver Tour will highlight fourteen homes throughout the metro area.


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    “Tour of Colorado” Solar Homes

    The Colorado Renewable Energy Society is holding its annual tour of Solar Homes on October 1st and 2nd. On this self-guided tour you can visit homes that use a variety of strategies to reduce their energy bills through efficiency measure…

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