Top ten reasons HTC is better than iPhone

HTC running Android is the way to go
Being off the grid, your cellphone is one of the key pieces of technology. Which to buy, how to use it and how to preserve the battery life are all critical decisions to off-grid knowledge workers (and everybody else).
I first became aware of HTC phones in 2006, when Blackberries were beginning to appear on the market, and everyone who needed to show off how important they were had to have a Blackberry. It was obvious then what a brilliant product HTC had on its hands, especially being able to download entire documents rather than text only info. I wrote about them in my book How to Live Off-Grid, (I was not in any way working for HTC, nor even had a freebie from them).

In the US the one to go for is the Desire. (Here in the UK). The phones are powerful, well designed, ergonomic, and have also kept up with the latest twists and turns of the development of the overpriced and under-powered iPhone– thanks to the deal with Google Android.

So here are the top ten reasons for choosing an HTC:-

10: Standard micro USB cable for charging.
9: Standard USB storage uploading MP3’s
8: Removable/Exchangeable Battery
7: No need for iTunes on your Computer
6: True background apps
5: Usable Voice Control & Free Integration with Google Translate
4: Micro SD card, exchangeable and usable with many different Devices
3: Full refund of Google Marketplace Application purchase within 24 hours.
2: Free Wireless syncing of calendar and contact data to your Google
account is free, compared to Apples MobileMe.
1: OS has free developer tools, in comparison to the Apple iPhone
developer program.

Otterbox Defender Series Case for HTC Desire

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  1. Thanks for the update Jeremy – this article was written in January 2011, and I think that iPhone has responded well to these criticisms, but as it was correct at the time of writing I will leave it unchanged – as if we started updating every story to correct changes over time it would be a never-ending job!

  2. I gotta say, #1 and #2 should be removed. There are free developer tools from Apple and MobileMe is gone in less than 2 months. iCloud is taking over and it’s free. The rest is pretty weak reasons to denounce the CLEARLY better phone.

  3. Huwei is an up and coming mobile phone manufacturer.
    Personally I like Nokia and am really sad to see them go the way of windows abandoning its very nice N900 successor which ran Maemo or Meego Linux. What is neat about the N900 is that while it is not locked down like iPhone and Android it can run Android apps through a compatibility app. Nokia is a very green company and before it was taken over by a Microsoft flunky was also distributing things like bicycle generator charging systems.

  4. Hi NR, great article!

    I just wanted to let others know that I am very happy with my Boost Clutch.

    I have unlimited internet , texting, phone calls and messaging for $50 per month on the sprint network but Its a prepay monthly service. ( no contract and I didnt even use my personal information ) I can also tether my computer to it and use its internet connection.

    Its a rugged phone and has had no problems for the last two years. For an offgridder who wants to stay lowki, I think its a valid option!

  5. HTC is a mobile phone manufacturer that has been making smartphones based off Google’s Android mobile operating system and has been becoming a very popular company in the past year or two.

    Kinda like Nokia, but better. lol

  6. I bought a HTC Android Tattoo a couple of months ago and am amazed at the battery life. After three days still 3/4 battery left! Has GPS, Camera, wireless internet and all the toys for $249.) New online! Sure happy with it so far!
    Great unit for our backwoods place!

  7. three questions: what’s HTC? what does item #3 mean? and between what finnjaevel said and the fact that the Amazon ad on this page shows the Desire selling for $174.98 more than I paid for my new iPhone 4 at the Apple Store, do your assertions really hold water? thanks…

  8. I’m a big iPhone fan but these points hit hard at the issues the IPhone & Apple currently have and really should attempt to resolve as many as possible. Can’t see all of them going but 9/10 would be good.

  9. Android if otherwise fine but battery life is not that great, that seems to be an universal issue on all Android phones. So, if you go Android, prepare to do a lot of recharging.

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