Top Gear presenter says living off-grid can make you happy

Multi-millionaire TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson has said that anyone living off the grid is likely to have a better life than his own.

In a recent newspaper column he describes his move to an unfurnished flat in Central London and says that someone living in a barn and feeding off “what you could find in a hedge” would be better off than him.

In his column, Top Gear presenter Clarkson, 50, reveals  he has been thinking of doing without the modern conveniences of living.  “In recent times, I have become so fed up with everything I own that I started to think seriously about what life would be like without any of it,” he said.“So, when I moved recently into an unfurnished flat I spent the first evening sitting on the floor, wondering what is essential and what, really, is not.” He admitted that he had never used a washing machine but said he would definitely need a coffee machine, a television and a PlayStation games console because “I can’t really live unless I spend at least an hour a day shooting Nazi zombies in the face.”

He added: “And I’d need some pornography as well so that would mean I’d need an internet. Which would mean some Wi–Fi.”

After complaining about the electronic equipment he bought not working properly, he signed off: “If you do lose your job and you end up living in a barn, with just a fire to keep you warm and nothing to eat but what you can find in a hedge, be happy. Because you’ll be having a much better life than me.”

Clarkson’s marriage is said to be ‘strained’ the newspaper column Saturday provoked speculation that he had moved out of the family home.

His comments were made only weeks after news came out of an alleged infidelity with Phillipa Sage, who worked with him on the Top Gear Live tour.

A friend told the Daily Mail that the claims about an affair were still putting massive pressure on his marriage to wife Frances. They said: ‘I wouldn’t assume it’s great. He stays in his flat an awful lot, especially when he is editing… It is pretty strained.’ But they added: ‘He is always at home Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and some of the early part of the week.’

Speaking outside the family home yesterday, Clarkson said he and his wife were preparing for a party to celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary.

He added: ‘I live here. When Top Gear is in production … I tend to spend time in London. That’s the story.’

The Top Gear presenter used his column to bemoaned his difficulties as an undomesticated male, with no mention of his loyal wife, Francie, 49, who also happens to be her husband’s manager and mentor.

Clarkson and his wife are said to have mutually agreed on the arrangement that sees him spend parts of the week at the Bayswater flat, and weekends with Francie and their three children – two daughters aged 16 and 12, and a son aged 15 – in the Cotswolds.


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  1. ‘The English are a pale bunch’…..fantastic observation…you obviously have a Universiy Education…and have never travelled the Northern Hemisphere countries….please keep quiet !

  2. You’ve got to love clarkson. he says all the things we would like to say but don’t. does seem he’s got too many of the comfortable things in life though by the size of that tum!

  3. Good grief-couldn’t you have found a better picture of him? I nearly couldn’t read the article with that belly in my line of vision!

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