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Top “eco-hotties”

NBC sports has come out with an appalingly sexist story naming its choice of the top “sexy and green” twitteristas.

Kelly -not hot
Kelly -not hotNBC sports has come out with an appalingly sexist story naming its choice of the top "sexy and green" twitteristas.

The list of female tweeters with their Twitter addresses range from an LA socialite to a British anti-corporate campaigner.

Kelly Drennan, @ecofashionista
Ecofashion activist and founder of Fashion Takes Action
Location: Toronto

Sample Tweet:
RT @SUGARMOONSALON: Body Sugaring: 100% natural, no double dip, no strips, completly sanitary, prevent ingrown hairshttps://bit.ly/18wE83

Sheila V. Flores, @EcoGlamourista
The latest in sustainable fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
Location: New York City

Sample Tweet:
Cool ecofriendly electronics!…RT @ModernEcoHomes.https://bit.ly/bJd5g

Whitney Lauritsen, @ecovegangal
Eco-friendly, vegan, filmmaker
LocationLos Angeles

Sample Tweet:
Save over 50% on food by eating healthy :https://tinyurl.com/y8wz5vd

Hillary Newman, @ecowarrior
On the hunt for whats hot and fresh in the Green Space.
Location: Los Angeles

Sample Tweet:
A must-read, ‘Forking Fantastic!: Put the Party Back in Dinner Party’- https://bit.ly/v0hQ3

Stefanie, @focusorganic
self declared geek and greenie nature lover
Location: St. Louis

Sample Tweet:
Crazy fact – Every year we make enough plastic film to shrink-wrap the state of Texas.

Summer Rayne Oakes, @sroakes
Adventurer for social good. Entrepreneur. Model-activist. Host on Discovery Network’s Planet Green.
Location: New York City

Sample Tweet:
Gucci cuts carbon footprint by banning these bags!https://bit.ly/13OYYE

Olivia Zaleski, @OliviaZaleski
CNN host
Location: New York City

Sample Tweet:
WOMEN WHO AMAZE ME: @ZainabSalbi, Founder and CEO of Women for Women Internationalhttps://www.womenforwomen.org/

Nicole McCallum, @NikkiJade
cofounder of TheGreenRocket
Location: Waterloo, Ontario

Sample Tweet:
Interesting, albeit economically flawed–Scroogenomics: bad gifts cost the world economy $25-billionhttps://tinyurl.com/yc8v8uz

Siel, @greenLAgirl
Environmental blogger and writer in SoCal
LocationSanta Monica

Sample Tweet:
Hard plastic, soft men: BPA linked to male sexual dysfunctionhttps://bit.ly/46uDmi #fb

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