Tiny homes for veterans

All too often, our veterans are being left out in the cold, literally, there are many who are homeless for a variety of reasons, and unfortunately once you are homeless, it’s usually much more difficult to get the services you need to help get you back on your feet.

There are several communities who are doing something about it, they are creating tiny home villages specifically for veterans, some are allowed to live there indefinitely, some are temporary until they can transition into something more permanent for themselves. I think this is a great idea, giving back to the men and women who gave so much of themselves to serve our country. They often come back from war with physical injuries and PTSD from the things they saw and experienced, it’s difficult for them to talk to friends and family about their traumas, it’s also difficult to transition back into civilian life. Many choose suicide as a way out from the pain.

This gives dignity as well as a place to live, here are a few videos about the communities giving back.






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