Tiny home on wheels in Chattanooga

More and more commercial businesses are getting into the small home or tiny home business, this company based out of Chattanooga, has gone above and beyond to show these mobile tiny homes.

I love their use of space, especially how they incorporate drawers at cubbies into the spaces like stairs, I like how they’ve done the shower, the Japanese soaking tub made out of stainless steel looks great, I bet it works even better. Personally I think I’d like more of a walk-in shower, a bathroom that incorporates shower/toilet everything all in one space, but that’s just me.

Enjoy this short but informative video about their latest tiny home on wheels.


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  1. Hello, I didn’t know where to post a comment saying I wanted to go off-grid asap, I don’t know anything about it, but I seen the tiny homes on wheels ,and thought they were very cute. I am a single white Christian female, 38, looking for other like minded folks, who are true Christians, & hope to someday meet my husband, who will share the same goals as myself. Currently, I reside in Georgia, and would prefer if I lived close or in the state. I have three cats I won’t get rid of. I want to be as independent from the government as possible. Someone who specializes in homeopathic medicine is a definite plus. Anyone is interested please email me at kittyeyes1980@gmail.com..I want to do this asap, thanks!

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