Tiny home documentary

Most of the tiny home videos I find tend to be snippets, showing a 15 minute (on average) slice of life in a tiny home, usually not much more than a nickel tour. This video shows so much more, it’s not just about the how, but the why, the history of the folk who are building their own tiny home on wheels.

They started out to finish in a couple of months, what most take a year or more to do, they did discover that it was going to take longer than they thought to complete the tiny home. The family discussion was interesting, with Christopher’s brother wondering how people will judge you because they perceive you can’t “afford” a “real” home…

It seemed that in the beginning, Christopher’s family didn’t have much confidence in him or his ability to finish this project, I was happy to see their reactions when they saw the (more finished) tiny home for the first time, they actually pitched in and helped do some of the work.

One of the phrases that really caught my attention is when I heard the words “debt free”, for me that is a huge accomplishment and something (I believe) we should all strive to be (become).


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