Tiny home, big amenities

This tiny home on wheels packs real stairs, not a ladder, 2 lofts and a tub bath, things you don’t normally find in a tiny home. I am surprised at having a real set of stairs in this small space, I see that they have made them steep to conserve room, I also appreciate the storage under the stairs. I like the opening sky light, it’s situated next to the solar panel on the roof so you can easily access the solar panel to clean it. I wouldn’t want or need the tub, give me a shower that encompasses the entire room (it can still be small) with a drain in the floor and I’m happy. Another thing I’d want different is the fridge, I know that those front opening fridge designs are poorly insulated AND they lose all their cool air every time you open the door, I’d want a top opening fridge, a freezer-fridge conversion would work much better. Other than those 2 things, this is a great design, I would love o see it with furniture, enjoy the video.

link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ7JINuGT2Y

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