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Our intuitions tell us it must be true that the chemicals in our daily groceries are doing us harm. Read the labels. There are so many of them.

The Toxic Consumer(click here to buy it from Amazon UK)presents the facts about the chemicals that surround our lives, and provides easy-to-follow practical advice on how to minimise your exposure.

We are healthier than we have ever been before in the history of our species, walking taller, living longer, yet there are certain diseases, cancer being the main one, that you just know are man-made, and almost certainly produced by chemicals – in cigarettes, in food additives, in vehicle emissions and more. It makes gut sense at a time when we are more aware of these dangers than ever before, when Western governments have legislated against them for decades. Now, just when you thought it was safe to start shopping again, it turns out the number of man-made chemicals in everyday consumer products is actually on the increase.

We are unwittingly and constantly exposed to them. All of us have toxic chemicals in us, even new-born babies. Synthetic chemicals found in everyday life are implicated in a staggering range of health and environmental issues including impaired neurological development in children, birth defects, lower sperm counts, rising rates of testicular and other cancers and increased incidences of diabetes, allergies and attention deficit disorders.

The authors’ contention is that regulation of these chemicals is urgently needed and when you’ve read this book, you’ll agree.

1904601421-01-_scthumbzzz_v37814945_-5247788“The toxic consumer: How to reduce your exposure to everyday toxic chemicals” – buy it from Amazon UK

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