The Edge of Green tiny home

Another tiny home, I really like the layout of this one as well as the material it’s made of. I love how they incorporated the solar panels into the building, not only collecting sun rays, it is doubling as shade for windows and a deck. Much of the building materials were recycled, some from Craigslist, some from Habitat for Humanity and such.

I LOVE the kitchen, for a small space, they really made it best of it for the kitchen by making a U shaped kitchen. I have also been noting the marine heater that I keep seeing in the tiny homes lately, they have them for propane as well as wood burning, they are TINY but apparently put out a good amount of heat. I’ll be checking those out more.

I think their biggest problem they are having now is not living in such a small space, but finding a place to park their home, it would seem they have had to move more than a few times, once was because of a HOA, apparently they didn’t like having a tiny home or “mobile” home in their neighborhood. Another time was because they property they were on went on the market. There were other issues with other properties. I think it’s harder for them because they want to live in town or closer in to town because of jobs, that really limits where you can plant your tiny home. I hope they are able to find someplace where they can stay for a longer amount of time.

Watch and enjoy, I’ll include a link to their website below.



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