SWF looking for off-grid partner

Time to be self reliant and simplify life. Looking for male partner ( 52 to 65 yr)with building skills and knowledge of solar power, or wind mill, water catchment to build smaller home on a couple acres.    Good humor, cooperation, happiness, patience, flexibility needed.  A home with compost toilet, water collection or other, garden, greenhouse, root cellar, chickens etc.   I bring skills in growing, canning meat, veggies, fermenting, drying foods, cooking, gardening, composting.  I already have a long term storage stash begun for homestead living.  I’m a young 65 years.  Your resources $ and mine could build a nice homestead.    Let’s look for suitable off-grid property together and get it started.   I’m presently in southern b.c. but can move anywhere.   I can be reached at this email          vic_cec@shaw.ca


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