Survivorman in toe-curling interview

Les Stroud: special needs
We always thought Les Stroud was a total divit, and now it has been confirmed.

The self-regarding air-head who fronts the Survivorman series on Canadian TV recently gave this pompous interview to a Canadian outlet about his practices when travelling.

If you sit next to this guy on a plane- be warned – you will want to strangle him.

ON PLANE TRAVEL: “I always give back the napkins they insist on giving you with every tea you order.

If I’m not in first class, I always wait to be the last one to get on the plane.

I ask the stewardess’ name – it’s nice to call people by name and you get better service.

I wait until the crew give me heck before I turn off my laptop or my BlackBerry and I always put my seat back to recline once they walk away – but don’t tell anyone.”

On a long trip, I do yoga stretches.”31a0m1ef85l-_sl160_-6547514

Probably the Econazzi web site loves him. He told another interviewer recently: “I’m a hell of a great dancer?”

And Les Stroud’s favourite tool?  Himself. Only joking – its the Leatherman Wave – you can buy it here.

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  1. Of the two, Bear or Les, I would choose Les as he is the everyman doing the best he can. I don’t care if he is self important or a pain on a plane, so is the fat tub of lard at the window seat with a weak bladder.

    The man has skills as well as courage and from what I’ve observed a recognition of some of his less than wise choices.

    He is choosing to live off-grid and green and I applaud him for it. It is important to teach our children to be self sufficient if they are to live well, wisely and independantly. They will not learn it surrounded by a bunch of spoiled urbanites.

    I frankly would love to have the NorthWest’s Lars Larsons’ take on Strouds politics and lifestyle pursuit. What of Ted Nugent. All three of them maverics in a day and age of mediocrity.

  2. ahhh, yet another “armchair survivalists who have never spent more then two nights away from home bash les stroud” thread…can’t get enough of ’em…

  3. Les Stroud is a musician of some talent and a “wanna-be” survival expert. If I were to be in a jam with one other outdoor survival expert in order it would be Ray Mears, Myke Hawke, and Bear Grylls in that order of those who are known publicly, followed by Ron Hood. I would rather be alone than have Les Stroud with me. The guys I mentioned above know what needs to be done to survive. Les Stroud would just sit around and complain about stuff, weather, food, etc,. I know more about surviving well than “Survivorman”, don’t have to remind everyone I meet that it is so.

  4. Finally, someone else who sees Les Stroud as a dud. This guy’s tactics are grade school level. He’s probably learned them from the book “Survival For Dummies”. Many of ’em will get you hurt, or worse.

    If you must watch a “Survival” TV show, watch Bear. At least he’s been there and done that in real World situations, including Combat situations.

  5. I will only say that his advice won’t get you killed in the wilderness like some other folks with names that rhyme with “square drills”. I might not agree with Stroud’s politics but I envy his fieldcraft.

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