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We are pleased to welcome writer and thinker Michael Bunker to the pages of www.off-grid.net over the next few weeks.  We are serializing his new book, a work in progress about the theory and practice of off-grid living. (Update 2011 – Buy the book here from Amazon)

There will be a link from this page to each new chapter once it goes live. The first two chapters are now live.

Mr Bunker is a Sovereign Grace Baptist and an Agrarian Separatist.  In common with many other Christians he interprets the scriptures such that they entitle us and obligate us to stewardship of this planet.

He lives with his family on 40 acres in a Christian Agrarian Community in Central Texas founded in 2005. “We do our best to support ourselves from our land, raising pure Longhorn cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, rabbits, vegetables, and other crops,” he says.  The community now consists of eight Off-Grid households on more than 130 acres.

Doctrinally they are Sovereign Grace Baptists, meaning that they adhere to the oldest and most traditional Protestant Statements of Faith, particularly the London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689.  They believe and teach the Doctrines of Grace.  Philosophically they are Agrarian Separatists, meaning that they believe it is their duty to engage, teach, and evangelize the world by maintaining a separate, distinct, and Biblical identity from the world.

They believe that the ultimate purpose of man is to show forth God’s glory, and that they are specifically commanded to do so by working the land, by husbanding God’s creation, and by living lives of obedience to God’s commandments.

Mr Bunker serve in his community as the Teaching Elder or Minister.  His audio sermons can be found at www.lazarusunbound.com.

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  1. I just finished the 4th chapter for the second time. I saw one mistake but I guess someone else told you about it because today it was fixed.

    It really is true that the victors write the history books. I’m finding out some things about the South and southern living before and after the war that are not mentioned in any mainstream history books or encyclopedias. And the facts about Lincoln were certainly never taught in public school. He really was a despicable man. Much to think about as I continue to get myself out of debt. I’m almost there!!

  2. This e-book has been a great read for me so far. I like the challenge of seeing most “off-grid” situations as really just being “my-grid”, and that to be totally free from the non-viability of modern living you must move toward being “no-grid”. The historical examples really give context and perspective to the current mode of living. “What has been, shall be again”… This is very helpful and needful writing. Thanks to Nick for posting it, and to Michael for writing it! Looking forward to the rest with much anticipation.

  3. This is very critical information that needs to be addressed by people. So many are unaware off the potential for disaster that is looming overhead. I am referring to the JIT system. May the Lord lead us out of this bondage.


  4. Nick,

    Thank you for helping to get this information out to the world. You’ve got a lot of information and resources on this website and it will take me a long time to peruse it all. Thanks Michael for telling me about it. And thanks for the free survival lessons Michael. This book is starting out very strong. I look forward to the subsequent chapters. I don’t think you can separate the theology from the Off Off-Grid-ness. The only way you will be successful is to separate from the need to use electricity at all (even if it is self generated).And that is going to require complete reliance on God and his provision. This website will be a tremendous help in transitioning away from the normal way of life, but I think you are taking it even a step further with the ideas in your book and other writings. Keep ’em coming.

  5. Thank you, Nick, for publishing Michael’s book on your site. We think it is fantastic that it is going to reach such a great number of people. I agree with what several have stated in other comments, there is a lot to digest, but don’t let that stop you from reading it and it may take reading each chapter more than 1 time to understand and digest it all. Thanks again Michael for all that you do.


  6. In response to John Clark’s question about the distinction between off-grid and off off-grid, it is delineated in Chapter One:

    “By “Off Off-Grid” we mean that we have not just taken a single symbolic step away from the industrial/urban system by creating our own grid system with which to replace it.”

    If you read Chapter One, Bunker expands on this distinction. I hope that helps.

  7. Thanks Michael.

    There is a lot of meat here to be digested. I really appreciate the background as to why as a Christian to separate from the world and why. Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’


  8. Nick,

    Thank you for sending out on your e-mail the Introduction and all the Chapters 1, 2, 3,Off-Off-grid by Michael Bunker,
    I would encourage all to read this book even if you hate to take the time to read, it will be worth your time and effort.

    Pat T

  9. History is such a great teacher of important things, and sadly seems to be so much ignored by many people today. I believe records of history have been graciously granted us by God partially for that very reason — so we can learn from them. The introduction to Mr. Bunker’s new book contains a brief but critical history lesson which reveals stark similarities between older times and much of the world today, including the end results of the life-styles and world views of those from the past. This information is foundational for topics that affect everyone: how people live their lives and what motivates them.

    Thanks to Mr. Rosen and Off-Grid.net for publishing Mr. Bunker’s essay.

    — David

  10. Reading about the ‘WHY’ off-grid livng is very beneficial, and has allowed me to formulate answers to those who would ask questions about why one should want to work toward the lifestyle. Funny, cliché, but true, ~ freedom is never actually ‘free’.

  11. Michael,

    Thank you so much for the expanded explanations of Rome and its urban/city culture, its complexity and its ultimate demise. Also for the definition of terms/words in Chapter 2, and the explanation as to why and how we need to “act” on our beliefs/knowledge in chapter 3 before the inevitable crash, as God directs and leads; to avoid the calamity of unsustainability/potential death due to unpreparedness and a change of lifestyle. Thank you for your reflections on your grandmothers lifestyle and the “colonizing of the minds” that has taken place in the last 100 years especially. Amen to all of that truth. Whereas, food growth, harvesting/butchering, preservation of all, plus weaving fabric, sewing garments, use of such things as hand washboards to wash the few handmade garments we had, wood cook and heating stoves, hand milking of cows, using horses to plow, pull hay up into the haymow, etc. etc. were all still a part of my parents lives’ and even my own, until the late 1950’s, early 60’a; much quickly became more industrialized even on our family farm after that. Tractors replaced horses for fieldwork, Surge milkers and electricity replaced hand milking, a bulktank replaced the cement watertrough and milkcans, etc. etc. Dad serving in WW2 and it’s “benefits” program for young servicemen to become farmers, had it’s positive influence to a degree, as at least I was farm raised and saw some of the older, true paths; but it also had as you’ve shared the industrial revolution underneath it and it’s influence to no longer “be poor”. Praise God for the desires of my heart being to return to the land and a much simpler life.

    Praise God for persons like yourself and all there for the positive influence to keep moving in that direction. Thank you so much for the intro. through chapter 2 thus far. Will read chapter 3 again later and comment.

    Thank you Nick for being willing to post Michaels chapters of his book on your website. I pray you and all there will be richly rewarded with sufficient wisdom and knowledge through all you’re doing, to live as independently as possible from “the world” in each of your lives. Looking forward to becoming more familiar with your site overall, and reading what you’re sharing. With limited computor knowledge, navigating has been challenging so far, but perseverance pays off!

    Thanks again to you, Michael and to Nick.


  12. I guess the title is throwing me, Surviving Off Off-Grid, shouldn’t it say Surviving Off-Grid? Maybe it is just me and the government schooling I am a product of.

    I forwarded the Introduction to six individuals including a few family members. Should be interesting to see if any comment to me or to you.

  13. Great Web Site. I have been following Bunker with great interest for almost a year and appreciate his holistic approach to off-grid living…that is, it’s about a lot more than just getting unplugged from the grid.

    Due to your posting his book on your site, I will be bookmarking this web site and returning often to see what I can learn. Thanks for your willingness to erect a “big tent.”

  14. This book is great so far! The comparison to Rome is historically fascinating (and for those of us who are needing more history lessons it is quite helpful). Thinking about what could happen to a grid dependent society is somewhat frightening. It should help light a fire under those of us that are still seeking to go to an off-grid way of life. I’ve never read a better analysis of this topic and it will be interesting to see where it ends up. This is almost the “gold standard” explanation of why people should be seeking to live differently.

    As a gold standard, it should probably have a prominent and permanent place on off-grid sites (like this one). At the very least, make it easier to find the subsequent chapters or when they are posted. A featured book(s) section on the front page might help where you could have books like this posted. It took me a while to find this since it was rather hidden halfway down the page. Keep it coming though (and please fix the formatting)! :-)

    As a side note, this might be a good intro to give to your family/friends who are not familiar with the reasons for wanting to live off-grid.

  15. Wow, just the Intro itself is chock full of eye opening frightening possibilities. The Rome analogy, the stark warning about the JIT system, the equally stark warning regarding the perpetual 72 degree industrialized womb that, if it were to be no more, would doom millions….and the author really did just give an inkling on that topic, enough though to send shivers to anyone willing to admit the truthfulness of it. I look forward to the rest of the chapters.

  16. I am really looking forward to reading this series, which I hope to print off as we go and read in “hard copy”. It will be refreshing to hear his thoughts and experiences as someone who clearly lives what he teaches.

  17. I hope people who see this online book will look at what is being done and not immediately dismiss the writer because they disagree with his family’s theology. PLEASE tell me that the off-grid movement is big enough to learn and grow in spite of differing beliefs. This looks like a wealth of info so far. I for one will continue to click in and basically take a free course in what works and what doesn’t.

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