Stop Thief!

Fraudlent gains of banking industry will never be repaid
I’ve been robbed!

I‘ve been robbed by the banksters and the police and the government.

They conspired together to brush aside the compelling evidence of fraudulent behaviour by numerous bankers and financiers.

The police have prosecuted almost nobody in the financial sector, and governments all over the West have let the banksters keep their unjustifiable bonuses and instead taken the money from ordinary people needed to prop up the financial system.

Meanwhile people are thrown off of land where they are living peacefully in eco-homes because
they have not confirmed to planning rules, while the wealthy get special dispensation because of “outstanding architecture.”

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  1. Yeah…all these guys have fixed the system to modern day slavery.

    Best weapon:
    Self sustainable community development tho they passed laws silently targeting such. Eg. Seed law- June2014

    :-P Best keep your snoz clean or you may end up in Harper/Obama’s Super prison or looking down a gun barrow …

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