How to start a farm with *no money – video


This video is titled, “How to start a farm with no money”, well I’m here to tell you that you need SOME money, but if you are creative, you will not need near the bundle you would need otherwise.

I watched this video with a jaundiced eye, I have seen many claims that often fall under the “too good to be true…” well I am more impressed with John Suscovich than I have been with many other people making these sorts of claims.

One of the things he says which is so true, no one way is the best way, every situation is going to be unique and there isn’t a turnkey method.

Watch John, more importantly listen to John and make up your own mind, visit his site and read what he has to say.

*asterisk is mine, I would say, and he even says in the video that you will need some money, you can’t just jump in with zero money unless you have someone willing to carry you, if you have that, then go for it, but chances are you will need some money, even if it’s just a little.

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