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We are a family looking to move off-grid and become self sustainable. We would love to share the experience with like minded people, and relish the opportunity to connect others in this community!

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  1. Thank you BJ for the tip… we plan to have a green house and there really aren’t many people out where our parcel is 2 homes. We plan to keep to ourselves. Per the county we can only use 1/4 acre of our 5 acres for living if we plan to use a well… We have have been asking lots of questions and just don’t want to waste our money or time…

  2. I am a disable vet n looking to live off-grid. I have a friend with the same interest. I consider myself a jack of teades. I am single with two dogs. Any and all info. would be great. I have read the above info. with some good.places,,

  3. Hello. Boufriend amd i have been looking to do off the hrid near Sprague River. Had some trouble finding decent land for the right price and staying on budget. Thought, maybe learning from an established community could be better. Maybe learn more before venturing on our own. Is there a community out there near Klamath Falls looking for more members. Also, we would like to grow marijuana. Is there anyone who would have us? Both are cooks and i love gardening and he’s handy. Any advice would be helpful, thanks.

  4. Destiny: usually, building codes are only a problem if you have close neighbors that don’t approve of something you’re doing…in Christmas Valley , it may not be an issue. But be cautious if you rub a neighbor the wrong way, they may take revenge by calling the building inspector on you (trust me, I know). Typically, the more rural an area, the less you need to worry about it.

    And FYI, if you are planning on growing your own food in Christmas Valley you will need a greenhouse, maybe a heated greenhouse. It’s high desert and gets frequent frosts throughout the year (the actual frost-free season is an average of 31 days there). You may need to amend the soil with compost or use raised beds too. I would also ask people in the area about well depths. Good luck.

  5. My boyfriend and I just bought some property in Christmas Valley and hoping to go mostly off the grid. His mother keeps trying to discourage us because of permits and all… Any suggestions?

  6. We have lived off-grid for 20 years in the mountains of Southern Oregon. Our business is helping others with Solar, Wind or Micro Hydro. We are Gold Coast Renewable Energy. We come to you! Email us at gcre03@gmail.com
    Living it and Loving it!

  7. I’ve read some of these off-grid post & want to say to people like Paul: I’ve lived in so. Oregon over 40 years & LOL per your comments about Grants Pass being a 1950’s town! Dude it’s my home town & you’re so wrong, yea maybe back in the early 70’s… you must be a concrete/asphalt city dweller that thinks going to the Riverside Park is off-grid! Go to Granite County in the Blue Mountains near Granite & Sumpter, then maybe you’ll really discover what being off-grid is! Selma, Cave Junction… the Illinois Valley’s already got enough population, there’s more people than you realize that live in southern Oregon… for generations like my family clan of loggers, miners, etc. You’ll discover that most Oregonians do not appreciate what Californian Implants try to do to change our lifestyles.. We Don’t Want You To CALIFORNIATE OREGON with your CALIFORNIA MENTALITY! DUH DUDE! 2005… wow long time resident huh? My family named Mount Sexton… fought battles Rogue Indian Wars 1850’s! You don’t know squat about southern Oregon.

  8. My partner and I are looking…well have been looking for years separately, and now together.

    It seems the land is the hardest part…
    We want to be completely off the grid as well..we currently live in Portland, Oregon.

    We’re good people just looking for a like-minded community!

  9. I’ve lived in Southern Oregon since 2005, and my wife has lived here her whole life. Some of the places I would recommend, and why:
    Applegate Valley – beautiful rolling hills (wine country), surrounded by the Siskiyou Wilderness but also close enough to grocery stores in Medford and culture in Ashland and Jacksonville.
    Union Creek / Prospect – way out and slightly higher elevation, so you’ll enjoy snow, older growth forest gives the area a more rambling feel, cheaper land out in this direction.
    McCloud / Happy Camp – technically in Northern California, but you are right on the edge of the border. Way out on Highway 96. Lots of little cabins and rural residential type homes that are super affordable. Not too far from the coast (a few hours drive through the Redwoods).
    Personally, I’d focus on the Applegate, Ruch, Williams or Murphy. You’re still close enough to hospitals and clinics (40-minute drive), the roads are paved and in good condition, but for all intents and purposes you’re out there in the wilderness and your neighbors will be Federal Forest Land and a few other ranches. Cave Junction area has some cheap land and is on the edge of the Redwoods, but it’s a bit Rednecky, and the biggest industry is lumber and the Prison in Crescent City. Still, some nice little towns on the Redwood highway – O’Brien, Kerby, Selma…
    The further East you go the cheaper the property will get, but you’re into high desert area there, so more lakes (mosquitoes) and bushy tundra. Colder in the winter. Less facilities within an easy drive. Snow will restrict driving conditions in the winter.
    Oh, Wolf Creek… Right off the I-5, but at the Gateway to the Rogue River Wild & Scenic area – it has tall pine trees, higher elevation (as it’s up in Sexton Pass), near Merlin and Galice (drop-off points for people going rafting down the Rogue River), and property is still super cheap there. Your nearest towns in Southern Oregon (off the I-5) are going to be Eugene (University town – go Ducks!), Medford (two hospitals, nearest big town for anyone living in the surrounding wilderness, good for groceries, but not much else…), Ashland (Southern Oregon University – lots of theater and cultured types, with a few hippies), Roseburg (has the VA Hospital, but not much else), Grants Pass (1950’s style town on the Rogue River).

  10. looking for house share or live in my own little trailer with like-minded people who like good food, music, books, conversation, and respectful alliance with nature and each other.

  11. I am looking for people to live off-grid. I have ways fory area the community to make income also. call me if you want to joint venture. Brookings Coosbay area 8016877007

  12. We’re the same. Looking at selling our house soon and becoming mobile to get out of our “standard” way of thinking and living. Would love to create a community in Oregon or even keep in touch with others looking to do the same.
    Cheers to the good life!

  13. Hello. This is all very exciting, to see others wanting to live the same way I wish to. I’m currently in Las Vegas, NV and soon would love to live off the grid. This is a decision that I made about a year about but every day I want it more and more. I’m looking for some advice on how and where to start. I want to contribute as much as possible but I’m unsure of how or really how much is needed (qualify). We currently have our own Vegetable garden and fruit trees. We can build and sew. Any helpful tips or advice would be appreciated. Please email. Thank you in Advanced. Please keep all negative comments to yourself. =)

  14. Hello all. We are a native American family who are and have been ready to live off the grid (free ourselves). Currently we’re in Cali (horrid) trying ever so slowly to get out and back to where we belong. We seek like minded people for/to assist us/you with this better way of life. Should any one wish to connect with us please don’t hesitate. Say when…

  15. I am currently in Hillsboro and am ready to go off-grid. I have tools, materials and most of all a need and desire. I am prepared to build, plant, help, and live in peace and harmony with nature and others of like mind. Please tell more and I will do the same so a cohesive community can be realzed.

  16. We are currently living in Beaverton. We would love to live off-grid. We are a gay couple and know that when you live off-grid it’s better to live in a smaller community. We also know smaller communities are less approving of our lifestyle. Is this part of southern OR a place where we can find freedom and still be accepted and be a part of our community?

  17. We have been saving to do the same thing (move to southern Oregon and build off-grid). We are moving there this fall, to rent first… That way we can get to know the area better and look for the perfect land. Check out my land buddy post, one of the first dozen posts, I think titled “perfect land”. Feel free to contact me if you find anything special.

    1. it would be easier if a bunch of serious folks who are are committed could put down a hundred k or more to go into a piece of land as a team. And then pitch in…Its not everbody that has the money now to by a property with the utilities and improvements in place…

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