Solar myths debunked video

spmI hear people talking about solar power and it seems they believe half truths and outright lies. They aren’t bad people, but they are just repeating what they have heard. Sometimes it’s old information; sometimes it’s info that may be true for one part of the country, but not for another.

One of the biggest myths is solar power is too expensive – that was once true, but now solar panels have dropped so much in price, it’s very inexpensive to buy solar panels, and the price continues to drop.

Batteries are improving, and the next generation of storage will finally tip the scales all the way in favor of solar systems.

Another myth is it’s too hard to do, I say bovine excrement, a quick trip to the library, or better yet, a bit of time on the internet and you can learn how to install a simple solar system, of course when you are getting into grid tied or larger systems, it’s good to have an expert working for you. But it’s really simple to set up a small system, make a small backup system for yourself, power a shed, do this so you can learn about how this works, that way if/when you do go for the bigger system, you will have more knowledge about it and are less likely to get ripped off or get talked into something you don’t want or need.

Here is a great video with Starry Hilder talking about the myths of solar power, enjoy!


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