Solar Hydrogen building

A zero-emission and self-powering building to be driven by solar-powered hydrogen energy is planned for
Griffith University in Australia. Deputy vice-chancellor Professor Ned Pankhurst described the  $33 million teaching and research building, due for completion in 2012, as a showcase for “breakthrough technology”.
Designed by Cox Rayner Architects, the six-level eco-building has a 1500sq m footprint and 4000sq m of usable floor area.
Thirty per cent of the building material will be made from recycled material. Features include natural ventilation, grey water recycling and advanced water collection.
Prof Pankhurst said he is finalising the construction tendering process at the campus in downtown Brisbane.  He forecast it will generate its own power supply and will be a model for off-grid communities.
“It will be the first of its kind in Australia and we think it is the only integrated-concept building of this type in the world where the solar- hydrogen technology has actually been incorporated from the building in the design and concept from the outset,” he said.
Prof Pankhurst said he hoped the building would be an inspiration for applying safe, sustainable power supply in urban settings.
“What we are doing is to show one of the possible energy futures for Australia and other countries and the appeal from our prospective about the solar-hydrogen combinations is that you can use it in highly-urbanised settings and you can also use it in very remote settings,” he said.

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  1. This is a good article, however, there is no explanation HOW the hydrogen is made. If it is made from photovoltaics, I have sincerey daubts. Thre are more environmrental friendliy and more efficient ways: The direct solar hydrogen production from the sun using Concentrating Solar Power. More about this in the new book: The Hydrogen Society…more than just a Vision? Available at amazon.com and at all bookstores.

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