Smart meter resisters cuffed at home

Naperville Five
Do these people look like criminals?

The two ladies on the left were arrested in their own homes yesterday, for refusing to accept the installation of a new “smart meter” – a device which remotely reads your meter, and also tells the Utility company what appliances you are running and how often you switch them on. Its tantamount to a spy-in-the-home and we at forecast this scenario almost a year ago

In an assault on the arresstees human rights that’s sure to draw national attention, Naperville Smart Meter Awareness President Kim Bendis and board member Jennifer Stahl were dragged from their own backyards and arrested by police in Naperville, Illinois ( 30 minutes west of Chicago) after they tried to block installation of the city’s new smart meters.

The chains on their homes were cut, and the new meters were fitted against their will. It is a sign that the power companies have got together with the politicians and law enforcement to ensure the national grid has a higher priority than the wishes of individual consumers.

For a long time now the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness folks have been using the public forum portion of City Council meetings, to argue their case to council members and city staffers.
They have also filed a federal lawsuit against the city, and done everything they could to derail the smart grid project.This caused a great deal of resentment, fanned by the Utility company spinners and the local media such as the Naperville Sun, which appears to be in the pocket of the Utility company,a regular advertiser.

The city’s offer is that the homeowners that get city electric service from the city-owned electric utility have one of three choices. They can accept the new wireless meters, which the majority of residents have done, or they can pay extra to have a non-wireless meter which would require meter readers to visit their homes, or they will have their power cut off in the winter.
Those who resist the new technology must pay a fine of $68 for a different non-wireless meter as an installation charge and then $25 per month for meter reading)
Even the smart grid cheerleaders at the Naperville Sun admit that “the city could have given the recalcitrant few who have dug in their heels until the summer to figure out their electricity options and avoided the specter of a “mom” being handcuffed on television news.”
Even their opponents agree it is not acceptable for utility workers accompanied by police to go to the house of someone who refuses to have a wireless meter and to cut through a locked fence in order to install one.

The controversy surrounding the use of PG&E’s smart meter technology remains extremely contentious. 

PG&E has already installed more than 5 million smart gas and electric meters in the United States, with all 10 million customers expected to receive the new meters over the next two years.  

Naperville Smart Meter Awareness Advisory Board:

Bill Eagan, CPA, Accountant, Civic Leader
Michael Costello, Degreed Power Engineer and Precinct Committeeman
John Groll, Commercial Real Estate Broker, Business Owner
Pauline Harding MD, Family Practitioner in private practice
Scott Musser, AARP Associate State Director
Jeff Perkins, Patent Attorney, former Electrical Engineer for the U.S. Department of Energy and ComEd

Naperville Smart Meter Awareness Partnering Organizations:

EMR Policy Institute, Vermont: Janet Newton, President
Stop Smart Meters, California: Josh Hart, President
Center for Safer Wireless, Virginia, Maryland, D.C.: Christine Hoch, Executive Director
Arizonans for Safer Utility Infrastructure, Tucson, Arizon: Elizabeth “Libby” Kelley – New Mexico: Felicia Trujillo ND, GNP-C
Warriors 4 American Revolution – Michigan: John & Pauline Holeton (January 2012: 11 resolutions, 4 morartoriums against Smart Meter installations)
Coalition for Health Against Smart Meters (CHASM) – Florida: Debbie Rubin and Setphanie Austin
Smart Meter Matrix – Florida
Decatur Smart Meter Awareness – Decatur, IL: Tim Wortman
Decatur Tea Party – Decatur, IL: Pam Johnson
Huntley Tea Party – Huntley, IL: Bill Broderick and Meg Mulhall
Tri-Count-Teas – DuPage, Kane and Cook County, IL: Rick Newton
Stop Smart Meters Georgia – Georgia
Stop Smart Meters Australia: Australia
Citizens for Safe Technology: British Columbia, Canada: Una St. Clair
Coalition to Stop Smart Meters: British Columbia, Canada: Sharon Noble
Colorado Citizens Smart Meter Awareness: Colorado
Nevada Constitutional Alliance: Nevada

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  1. It is irrelevant whether one “looks” like a criminal. One is not born with the appearance of a criminal – they acquire that status, or do or fail to to do something in order to merit it. Or shall we do away with our court system and throw people in prisons based on whether they look suspicious?

  2. A very stupid act on the part of Naperville, although there is NO evidence that these meters are unsafe. These meters do promote and facilitate green policies, dispite the cartoon on this page.

  3. A quick blast with a stun gun kills the microprocessors within the meter. The same process kills electronic speed cameras. Keep it away from the main cable though ;-)

  4. Scary. With one flip of a switch they could paralyze and entire town, city, state(s) and or grid. Totally against it. What I feel they did was “BREAKING & ENTERING” !

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