Showtime TV vs Daryl Hannah

daryl_hannahProducers from a spoof series on Showtime TV tried to trick Daryl Hannah into making herself look ridiculous with a Condor.  Little Duke Productions (probably a pseudonym), managed to lure  Daryl all the way out to a remote location in California where she was supposed to “release a Condor into the wild.’

She became suspicious when she spotted a crew of 15 (for a nature show?) and was asked to sign a release form permitting hidden cameras; and even more suspicious when the Director told her he had been fed by Condors after becoming stranded in the wild for three days51b-f0zskul-_sl160_-6932419But it was the sight of the “condor keeper” wearing heavy blue eye shadow that had Daryl racing at top speed back to her bio-fuelled limo, and high tailing it to her off-grid ranch in Malibu.

Daryl has only recently disclosed that she has an off-grid home on the Coast as well as one in the Rockies.

She still drives her El Camino powered by biofuel.  The limo in the incident was powered by walnut oil.

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