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This is a shout-out to our readers to ask – please send us thousands of your off-grid photos – hundreds of minutes of video footage of you and your off-grid life. C’mon down to our YouTube channel – you can even star in it – we are looking for off-grid communities or individuals to become our next YouTube stars.

With the amazing Smartphones most of us now possess, we can all make photography and videography a part of our life. We are all citizen journalists.

lease send us your stills or videos using photo and video apps, via Google docs or Wetransfer.com.

You can email news@off-grid.net for more guidance on what to send and how to send it.

If you do not live off-grid – you can still share videos of yourself talking about why you want to live off-grid – especially at this difficult time, when Coronavirus confines so many to their own homes.

We know from emails we receive from our readers how many of you want to flee the city now, and start a new life of self-sufficiency.

We also understand you want to look great in every picture you share on our social media platforms. You can even hire a professional to edit photos, for example using On Click.
But we can also edit the footage for you and please ret assured that whatever you send us will be used to best effect. We want you to look good – when you look good, then we look good. So don’t be shy – send us your most revealing moments and most interesting off-grid technologies and we will take care of the rest.
And it really is very easy to film and shoot stills on a phone camera these days – the only limitation is he amount of memory and the bandwidth to send it to us being included in your tariff – but will all-inclusive phone plans even this is within the scope of many. And if not, just wait until the next time you go into town and then jump on the bandwidth in a cafe or library.

Photo and video apps are a boon, allowing you to edit with just a few taps on the mobile. Stills editing apps can change the look and feel of the photographs, from cropping unwanted objects to the addition of stickers or background. There are a few advanced photo editing apps which allow you to remove imperfections on the face, such as wrinkles, dark circles, and white spots.

Video editing apps can be used to do a basic edit – try Vidtrim, Quik, and Adobe Premiere Clip.

There are multiple reasons to use photo editing apps:
Add stickers
If you want to capture yourself standing outside your off-grid home, you can do it. There are various ways to add and remove elements that are in the photograph. You can easily add stickers and locations in the pictures.

Dark spots on face and circles under the eues? You can use a photo editing app to improve the skin tone, remove the red-eye effect, and make your smile look pearly.

Create a great ambiance
There are various filters available in the photo editing apps, which you can use to add some quirky fun to your pictures. The photos will create a beautiful background and pleasant ambiance that everyone would fall in love with.

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