Seeking Off-Gridders to Join Me

I am semi-retired and divide my time between travelling, my Irving home, and my 36 acres in Payne Springs,Tx. OK – its not 40 Acres ad a Mule – but its close.

The country acres are beautiful with a combination of pasture and trees. The land is less than 2 miles from  Cedar Creek Reservoir which is 35,000 acres and 80 miles southeast of Dallas.

The land is surrounded by farm land and across the road from an organic pecan orchard. I conducted lots of research and know what is most likely going to occur in the future. I am developing the land and presently it is completely fenced with a well in place. I am looking for a few individuals with building and farming skills. My previous work history includes teaching, nursing, counseling and consulting. OffgridAnnie is looking forward to meeting interested individuals.

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  1. Hi, are you still looking for people to join you? I am experienced at just about every aspect of life off the grid. I have most every tool a person would need to build most anything needed. I don’t smoke, drink or other drugs. I don’t have any medical issues nor do i take any medications. You can rely on me to always have a level head about things. If you are interested please call me 316-413-5911. if not, please text and let me know. Thanks, Mike

  2. Hi,
    Interested in what you got going on here! I frequent Dallas and the Houston area but I live in California. By profession I am a Mechanical designer and hydraulic engineer. I have turned these skills into aquaponics/hydroponics and agriculture. I have also learned how to raise ducks.

    I have a system of developing organic produce and ducks eggs/meat in a closed loop system that is contained and low maintenance. If interested, contact me: Mdon240@hotmail.com

  3. Hello,
    I like the sounds of what you have to work with. I’m assuming, where you don’t state any buildings…. It is RAW land?
    I on the other hand… have my entire build mapped out, unfortunately, having a difficult time deciding my best possible location.

    Would love to keep in touch as far as your progression goes, if I can be of any assistance (a voice if you will), Love to have the thought of helping someone make it a reality…. until I get the chance to make mine.

    Take Care, Good Luck.
    Hope to hear from You.


  4. Love your ad and love your way of thinking! I’ve been thinking about doing something like this and recent circumstances have caused me to reexamine it again. Id like to get to know you and see if its a fit. Im certainly not afraid of work, have conservative values and a few skills to offer. Mechanic/machinist/handyman We should chat. =)

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