Seeking: ideal off-grid location. Offering: first edition of “Walden”

Easier to manage than 5 acres
I have been writing about it, and now I want to do it.

As I traveled the US writing my recent book OFF THE GRID, I was also looking for an off-grid place of my own – at first in Northern California or North Carolina, or Kentucky, but latterly I have homed in on West Virginia as a place to suit my needs.

I want somewhere that I can use to get away from the relentless 24/7 media cycle, ads, facebook, twitter feeds, traffic, fast food and slow food – the grinding pace of modern life.

I couldn’t find the right place at the right price. Then the economic woes hit me just as hard as everyone else so I put my plans on hold for a while. Now I want to get on the case again, so I am offering my most prized possession in return for the perfect piece of land – an authentic first edition of WALDEN by Thoreau – one of only two thousand printed – a true slice of Americana. I bought it at auction several years ago, and it comes with a full, money-back guarantee of authenticity. It is in fine condition.

I am looking for a south-facing, gently sloping, wooded five acres, with a creek, a couple hours from a big airport, and with nice neighbors. West Virginia is my favored area. But any suggestions carefully considered.

If anyone can help , please feel free to get in touch. nick@off-grid.net

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  1. Hey George! I have looked at land in both those locations. I am seeking the same goals as you. I use to live in Alaska. Plenty of land, but very harsh and very hard to go alone. Anyways good luck out there. If you wish to share notes and talk off the grid living, feel free to email me ndio62885@gmail.com

  2. This is also my dream. I have been saving for years and collecting all the right gear. I have even tested all I have learned in the wilderness days or weeks at a time. I was looking at property in Alaska and Montana. If we could get a good number of people we could make it happen.

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