Searching for community, family or couple that lives off-grid

Off-Grid TV is casting for entertaining communities or families for our planned documentary series.

We are searching throughout North America and Europe for  committed, entertaining,  off-beat, unique, outgoing communities, families or couples living Off the Grid or about to start doing so.Do you know of a community, family or couple living off the grid; without  electricity or modern housing needs?  Are you a modern  day Swiss Family Robinson-type family?  Are you able to captivate a national or international audience?

Dynamic personalities are a must.

On camera experience is not required; however, candidates must be comfortable in front of the camera and interacting with others.

To be considered for the project, please email  the following to  nick@off-grid.net: photographs of the group/family/couple (both group photos and individual photos of each  member), describe the role(s) of each  person including role/function, tell us your story and why you would make for compelling television, what city and state you reside in, and full contact information (name, phone number, email).

We are also looking for production assistants throughout America and Europe – camera operators, editors and production -co-ordinators.


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  1. I’m 26 and I’ve been looking for something like this for many years. I currently live on a Boat in Galveston TX but its getting to be to expensive so looking forward to moving some time very soon. Could anybody give me some insight on any communities?

  2. 19. Private schooling for 15 long years. Highschool graduate. Looking to start my career; that is, LIVING. (Although, parents and college friends have a hard time understanding that concept.) I would absolutely love to be more than a tourist on this planet. Count me in! (Gotta a history with ugly scars. – I’m so ready to move beyond and evolve into a more conscious being.)

  3. I find myself very interested in developing strong skills in living off the grid. Im 48 & was raised on a farm. I have skills in general farming, carry some knowledge of agronomy. I’ve raised all kinds of farm animals. We raised horses & Ive done my share of cowboying. Along w/ that, my father was a general contractor. So I have literaly swung a hammer from the time I was able to walk. Over the last 15 or so years I have worked as a General Superintendent for 2 global companies, building whole neighborhoods on military base here in the US. Building some 900+ homes, community centers ect. Back in my mid 20’s I took several years & worked as a full time Fireman. & w/ that came extensive medical, first responder & first aid training.

    Im @ a point in my life that I feel like, rather I know this is the life change I need to make. I have spent several years living in a fairly remote area of Arizona. I miss that life. But times change & people move on. I found myself going where the money was rather than where my heart wanted to be.

    I hope to hear back from you. I thank you for your time & consideration.


  4. We’re finally ready for an off-grid community, and have been downsizing for two years in preparation. We are currently making a decision on where to join. I have experience in homeopathy, plant growing, green house, food preservation, writing, editing, cooking French Mediteranean cousine, and also have experience in the home construction business from all phases of real estate acquisition to sales, and rentals, including advertising, and general electric, plumbing, flooring, roofing, and carpentry experience. I also owned my own licensed day care for many years, and also home school. I am nearly to a pilots license, can drive a 34′ RV, have near perfect scores at the rifle range, scuba dive. Other family members include 3 other adults and one pre-teen.

  5. My wife and I live on 200 acres of wilderness land just on the outskirts of 300000 acres of the Adirondack forest in upstate NY. We have been here for over 30 years. We strive to be self sufficient. We put up most of our own food. Winter here can be cold and long but it is a great time to do crafts, soap and candle making sitting in front of a warm cozy wood stove. We make maple syrup in the spring. Gardening in the summer, and a lot of canning in the fall. We have chickens and ducks goats cow and 3 horses. Our water comes from a drilled well that is powered by 12 volt solar panel. There is a lot of work to this type of life it is not easy at times, but always satisfying. I am currently working on a wood gasifer that turns wood into electricity it is working great, generating our own elect has always been a dream of mine and now it is working. I have internet by satellite powered by a battery bank. Refrigeration by propane and cold weather during winter.

    This type of life is not for everyone. Strong commitment to self reliance is a must.

    Though sometimes a challenge, the many benefits of living off-grid make it all worthwhile. It is liberating to know that you can fend for yourself in daily life as well as during emergencies. How can I describe the feeling of running your house off of energy sources like solar, and wood? How could I explain the effect being out of the city and suburbs has on your sense of well-being? How many of us would enjoy more fresh produce grown on our own property? And how safe we would feel knowing that we were prepared for emergencies and had the means to live a self-sufficient life?

    This isn’t about owning property that happens to not be connected to the big power company’s grid. It is about living closer to the land; Being responsible for the culture, values and environment we leave behind to our children; knowing that life was meant to be enjoyed, rather than working in a tiny cubicle to earn enough to accumulate stuff we didn’t need in the first place.

    Well, that’s what it’s about for me at least. You too can make this happen.

  6. Hello,

    We are best selling technology author, Peter H. Gregory and wife, Rebekah. We own 40 acres, with a cabin, off-the-grid. We do not live there full-time but are in the development stages.

    We just installed a septic system which will be primarily gray water only. We are building a ventilated pit latrine, and a gravity fed water system. The water will be heated by propane and/or a wood burning water heater.

    You can visit our business sites at beckhartproductions.com and peterhgregory.com. We do have an off-grid website but you must contact us for log in information (the site is no longer public due to snoopy neighbors and county officials).

    Good luck in your endeavor.



  7. @new edge2003@hide my skills are limited i can cook on a fire and girls say they are great at making smores my life mate is abundantly talented at every thing he does he can billed and is a very fast Lerner. i am right know learning to can and keep food we also have keep up many small gardens and we would love to learn to keep up a big one. we have the rescue training and high elevation rescue training just in case you live in a tree and need help we got you lol i hope you would fined us helpful because help is what were great at

  8. Ok im not off-grid yet.I have 2 girls a very smart hared working man and i love love love love to cook sing dance and help every one that i can . But with my helpful attitude we have not been even close to getting our off-grid dream. So now we are looking for off-grid communities that could fit our love light and never fight family. i was homeless with no car for a short time in my youth. i look back now and know that it really was the best time in my youth. i have never had a loving family. So iv been looking for a place to call home for a long long long time and with 2 kids that i cant stand to see go to school and a man how is to good to have to worry about every thing in this sad world. We are so ready for this home a place were people know to help you is to help me. And compassion charity love and balance are the thing we need to work most on so that we can be the best for our selves and every one around us the ones that will make it and help all that know that these are the thing that will make a person in this world make it in knowing that they gave all to get back nothing but the love of giving. me and my family have a grate love for giving and we all prefer to go in the woods so if you know of a place that you think is right for us pleas let me know and this hole tv show thing to get in to a community maybe but if i was already there i would say no way it all starts by letting the out side in and then you have people there just to look how you live and thats not the kind im looking to meet look what happened at slab city and that was just from a cameo in a move a hole show would just drawl all the wrong attention

  9. well folks, sounds like rural america. making your own electricity, composting, canning, sewing, raising your own beef, digging your own wells, .. .. seems like this already exist in the midwest area. stills sounds like real estate, creating small businesses, small community involvement, what happens when folks become diseased, aged, die, divorce, dont feel like planting a crop, have a drought, bad weather that destroys the food, the neighborhood. really? are you sure most people can endure this type of life. or just tired of living in the city. maybe a person should try small town living first??

  10. Hey, My name is Christopher. Im 18 years old. Im very interested in this opportunity. I grew up on a river in the woods in a hippy colony until I was 6 and then moved into a houseboat and then an RV and finally was homeless at the age of 13 , So ive done all forms of off-grid living and It would be amazing to continue doing so! Love and light my friends! Please contact with info on any source of Off-Grid living or communities/ Like-minded people. Namaste :)

  11. I am interested in learning more about OG -ing. I would like to meet people that are planning or already living off-grid. I don’t want a mortgage or solid roots anywhere except within myself. I want to learn as I go, but I also want to link up with smart effective off-grid people. I want to eat cleaner, live smarter and dis associate from the borish debt laden life of being totally on grid. I want to connect alittle more with the natural
    Side of living and to work for myself making the basics of life work for me.

  12. @ newedge2003 I am all so getting ready and looking for the right group of people and skills. I noticed you didn’t mention preserving and storing food? Growing food? Those are my strengths and that is the only reason I noticed. Along with plumbing, and producing power. All the books in the world can’t totally prepare us but education is important. I can’t wait to take the leap. Cheers…

  13. Mulberry Springs is an off-grid homestead with most of the amenities in California (desert side of south Sierras) and we are interested. Garden, orchard, windmill, greenhouse, surrounded by wilderness on 20 acres (5 watered). We are getting older so Mulberry Springs will eventually be sold. Area has bear, bobcat, coyote, fox, and is an oasis/sanctuary for wild birds in Kern County.

  14. My family and I are headed out for a mobile/semiOG trip in our motorhome until we are able to acquire our own land. We are currently in western AZ and plan to be on the road by the end of this month and would love the opportunity to travel with you folks and help out.

  15. @newedge2003: I love the idea that you want to do this in the Inland NW. The more like-minded souls the merrier. Before jumping in, please read my ebook: The Truth About Simple Unhooked Living. You need to know what you’re getting into as far as the legalities in WA.

  16. We are a small group of about (currently) about 8 people, including 3 kids. We are looking to create an OTG community in WA, probably the North East part, as there’s a lot of land we’ve found for very cheap.

    These are some of the skills we have, or are learning, and we’re looking to network with others, who have skills that can add to what we have, and compliment us in these regards.

    General labor. Milk a cow, gather eggs, clean. Handy with a pic axe and other hand tools. Solder wires.

    Experienced with kids and the elderly, especially in the capacity of instructional purposes; great for “community home-schooling.” Admin/research: organizational, keeping track of inventory and resources, informational resources (what foods/plants can be helpful for various medicinal purposes). MS Office, Adobe Creative Suites, PC, Mac.

    Learning how to grow crops; want to learn other techniques. Learning how to can. Alternate technology communications (eg, ham radio)

    Cook over a campfire, making smores :)

  17. I am a freelance photo-journalist with video-production, PA, scriptwriting experience who would love to learn more and potentially become involved with your upcoming documentary. I have some contacts with nomadic Christian families and off-the-grid communities in mind who would be a great fit for your upcoming project. Please email me with more information including how to submit my resume and work samples for your consideration.
    Thank you,
    Cindi Courbat

  18. Needing to down size even more. As close to being off the grid as I can. Eventually totally off. Brown County Indiana. Can anyone advise?

  19. Doomsday convention for individuals living off Grid to showcase their products or come learn more during the lectures. June 28-30 Reno Nevada email for information

  20. Hey, I’d love to be involved with this. I’ve been off-grid before in Ireland and the UK and now my partner and I are about to embark on a Canadian adventure. I am a writer and I used to run a green magazine and I’ve worked in radio before. I’d love to combine my experince in the media with my off-grid passion and do a ‘video diary’ style doc of our adventures, if you are interested.
    Best Regards Tylluan

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