Scumbags at Scottish Power

Its yet another example of rip-off Britain.

Scottish Power make it almost impossible for a normal custoimer to switch tariff or energy supplier.

But the UK State energy regulator, Ofgem, is completely ineffectual in standing up to the Utilities, and politicians act like startled rabbits when confronted with the power of the power companies – specifically their threats to reduce investment and switch off the nation’s lights.

In a typical example of how all the big six energy companies behave, attempts to change supplier from Scottish power today were met with

*A permanent engaged tone from their main number
*No answer from their switching number
*A broken web site – just on the page where you switch
*Being placed on permanent hold when finally through to the seemingly correct number.

Attempts to switch tariff WITHIN Scottish power were met with an identical set of problems

The two hours of fruitless phone calls started when I received a letter announcing a price rise. I noticed that the company had transferred me from their cheapest tariff to the “Standard variable” their most expensive tariff without informing me, The customer helpline number quoted on the letter was permanently engaged.

There is little point in complaining.

State regulator Ofgem acts more like a representative of the power companies than a consumer champion, and any talented staff are promptly poached by the energy companies so most of the management at Ofgem are totally third rate

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