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Printed on 100% recycled paper, of course, this book is a refreshingly commercial attempt to guide readers along a greener path.

So many eco-books are almost lip-smackingly hair shirt in their approach. The feeling is that you can’t enjoy yourself if you want to be a good ecological citizen.

If course much of the advice in the book is still at the unglamourous end of the spectrum: don’t flush the loo every time you use it; only boil water for one cup of tea  not half a kettle. And: don’t bother with air-fresheners when you could just open the window.

Some of the tips are large projects: installing loft insulation, for instance, should save you around 80 a year on your heating bill – but if you’re no DIY-er, you could find it difficult to manage on your own.

Others are much easier: turning off equipment like TVs, rather than leaving them on stand-by, should save you 10 a year.

Switching to energy-saving light-bulbs can save you another 20 a year; and lagging your hot water tank with insulation should save around 15 a year. If everyone did just a few of these suggestions, it would make a difference.

The book is laid out in a fun way with family-friendly graphics that make it a fun read for bogside or bedside.

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