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off-grid is for those who want to unplug, relax and feel at home anywhere on the planet, whether they are in an office, the back of a camper van, walking through a forest or meditating in a city park.

Strictly speaking, “off-grid” means places or buildings or gizmos that work without mains water or power. Shepherds huts in the mountain, canal-boats or camper vans may have power and water – but not piped in by the big utility companies.

It’s about making better use of what’s available for free.

Standing alongside established economics of transaction and consumption, off-grid is the philosophy of the coming post-consumerist age. It is pro-environment, pro-consumer and pro-industry, uniting pioneering resourcefulness with new technology.

Think of it as putting the “free” into freedom.

Some of the cosiest places are off-grid: pioneering doesn’t necessarily imply hardship. You’ll be surprised by the luxury to be found off-grid.

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