Reed Bed water filters

Reeds indeed
Reedbeds really clean water

Richard Furthy and June Evans installed an ornamental water garden rather than a septic tank for their isolated home. Their idea spread and has now become so popular they are offering guided tours of their garden every Sunday. The design was environmentally sound, an organic solution to a difficult problem (their original septic tank had been playing up). But Furthy is not an eco-activist; he is a bathroom designer in Wiltshire. The story he has to tell is not how he discovered the

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  1. This sounds great! I would love to build a system myself. Now, how about posting more details on how the average homeowner can put together their own system in lieu of a traditional septic tank. It seems most beaucratic inspection authorities cannot grasp something new. Complete documentation with references on a working system is a must otherwise they won’t even consider allowing it within their jurisdiction.

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