Prince William’s off-grid eco palace

Not your typical off-grid eco dwellers

Off-Grid.net predicted years ago that the wedding of William and Katie Middleton would finally be announced. This settles, amongst other things, the future of the $10m Herefordshire eco-palace that Prince Charles has been preparing for the happy couple.

We first reported it in 2006.  An old sandstone quarry had been re-opened within the estate as a so urce of stone. Oak was sourced from the Duchy’s Herefordshire woodlands, and  natural slates for the roofs from Wales.  An on-site eco-sewage works will filter waste through a bed of reeds.

The mansion will be packed with eco-friendly features including solar powered heating, wood chip boilers and insulation made of sheep’s wool. Floors, window frames and doors are all to be made from oak, fir and larch wood from Charles’s estate.

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  1. It’s good to see they’re trying, even though it must be costing a fortune! Wonder if there is a “transition” town nearby? One thing’s for sure, though – off-grid for them won’t mean freedom from surveillance. Rather them than me.

  2. It is always at the mercy of the media that these royals are forced to live their lives. It is most refreshing that their awareness of their world shows that they are not taking it for granted… actually setting examples for the world to follow. Certainly marks of leadership.

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