Preppers can relax now that Trump is in


I typically steer clear of politics and religion as topics for me personally to discuss here, not that I’m anti religious or not political, quite the contrary, I’m a conservative Christian with slight libertarian leanings, the reasons I don’t typically discuss it here is, to those who believe as I do, well I’d be preaching to the choir, and those who don’t believe as I do, I’m not likely to exert much influence on them, and I’m not interested in arguing with anyone :)

That being said, let’s talk politics ;)
Honestly, I’m not going to talk about whether or not President Elect Trump should or should not be… I’m going to discuss what I’m seeing on the Internet about prepping. The question has been asked if people should stop prepping for the worst now that Trump is about to step into office. The short answer is NO! This is just plain common sense, it doesn’t matter who is in the oval office, it’s important to be prepared for as many potential problems as possible, from major social upheavals, think people rioting in your town, wouldn’t it be better if you had enough supplies to shelter in place at home for a few days to a few weeks rather than having to try to get to the grocery store through crazy people? It doesn’t matter what political affiliation the rioters are, doesn’t matter what their skin color is, if they are in uniform or not. You don’t want to leave your home and family unguarded and try to drive through a riot because you ran out of food.

There are other reasons to continue to prep for emergencies, from major weather related catastrophic events, to just getting snowed in for a few days. There are financial emergencies, from having your hours cut, to losing your job, perhaps an unexpected bill hits at an inopportune time.

These are just a few reasons to continue prepping for emergencies, there are many more, too many to list. Don’t let the political affiliation of who is in office, liberal or conservative, trick you into becoming complacent, don’t be tricked into thinking the government will take care of us in a major catastrophe, I don’t care if those in charge have a D or R next to their name, they will be more concerned with themselves first, then maintaining their power, we the citizens will be pretty far down their list, with the possible exception of controlling the masses. We, that means you and I, need to be more responsible for taking care of ourselves in as many situations as possible. Are you ready?


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  1. I agree but more vociferously. Trump’s election has just made life more risky, not less. Mind you, I have lived OTG for over 12 years now and I am here because it is beautiful and healthy and urban life is slavery, so whoever pushes the world to extinction makes no difference to me. If they don’t nuke me, I am good for over a year comfortably and forever on a reduced lifestyle…..both of which are better than a condo and debt. He’ll, death is better than a condo and debt. I’ve known both. I’ll never go back.

  2. Thanks for your very kind and thoughtful comment HopefullyGridlessSoon! I fully believe there is room for all of us here, no matter our personal, religious, political beliefs, we all need to lead and live by example, not by force.

  3. It’s always interesting to me when seemingly polar opposite folks agree on things politically, but here we are :). While you’re a conservative Christian with libertarian leanings, I myself am an anarchist/communist atheist… so it’s safe to say we could not be further apart in so many ways!

    But I agree with you here wholeheartedly. If there’s one thing that unites people with beliefs like yours and beliefs like mine, it’s an understanding that power serves power, and a good portion of our prepping and interest in off-grid is with the understanding that power that aligns with you today may not align with you tomorrow.

    Part of the appeal of living off-grid is taking back control of our own lives, as that control has been shifted more and more over the last few decades to those in power. Ultimately, no matter what our political/social/religious beliefs, as long as we all understand that our opposition to power gives us bridges to build upon, then we can build community based on mutual respect and solidarity, and a mutual disdain for the powers that would control us.

    /political rant, but thank you very much for posting this :).

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