Political disobedience

Great blog in the New York Times says OWS is a new form of political disobedience – refusing to obey the basic rules of political discourse, that there must be policy demands, leaders etc.

The author BERNARD E. HARCOURT, a professor of law at Chicago says that the New Politics is “a continuous choice between kinds of regulation and how they distribute wealth in society….what is required is constant vigilance of all the micro and macro rules that permeate our markets, our contracts, our tax codes, our banking regulations, our property laws — in sum, all the ordinary, often mundane, but frequently invisible forms of laws and regulations that are required to organize and maintain a colossal economy in the 21st-century and that constantly distribute wealth and resources.”

I agree – and that is why I hope the OWS movement will unite around one slogan – “PAY IT BACK” — its a hopelessly radical demand to redistribute wealth away from the 1% which has seized all it can for the past decade. It will never happen, say critics.

But we can make it happen, by ignoring politics as usual and simply demanding that it happen


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  1. This is a basic need for all of the American middle class that is disappearing at an astonishing rate. Let us feed our children! Let us live in a world where possibility still exists. I want to work and earn a living yet working 2 jobs does not meet my basic food, housing needs. Something needs to change! Let them keep what they stole from society and boot them out!

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