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Brisbane – Friday NURSERIES around the world are experiencing “unprecedented” demand for veggie seedlings as customers try to secure their own food supply ahead of or during the lockdown, amid coronavirus panic.

In Australia, independent nurseries and national hardware giant Bunnings have reported a surge in demand for vegetable seedlings in the wake of the pandemic.

Bunnings’ national greenlife buyer, Alex Newman, said there had been an increase in popularity of seedlings and it was working to ensure additional stock was available where needed.

Near Brisbane, Oxley Nursery owner Caitlin Roy said when her business tried to order vegetable seedlings last Monday their wholesaler was already sold out.

“There’s definitely been a run on them on the weekend, particularly herbs and veggies and some fruit,” she said.

Chadwick Nursery owner Ryan Chadwick said that in just two hours last Wednesday morning more than half a dozen people bought veggie seedlings and by Thursday they were sold out.

He said customers were concerned there could be food shortages at supermarkets.Mr Chadwick said lettuces and cabbages, and other plants where the foliage was the food, were quick-growing beginner crops.

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